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pabilin-bilin [pabilin-bílin] (der. of bilin) 1n Last words, requests, instructions, advice, will (as of someone leaving on a journey or close to death). (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life, - Say farewell.) 2v To give one's last requests, instructions, advice, will (as of someone leaving on a journey or close to death). (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life, - Say farewell.)

pabiling [pabíling] (der. of biling +) 1n Hanging item, decoration (as of a Christmas decoration, streamers, bunting or pendant on a gold chain). palawit Kag ida kulintas ay kabug-at tong pabiling. Her necklace has a heavy hanging pendant. (sem. domains: 8.3.8 - Decorated, - Hang.) 2v To hang, attach a hanging item, decoration (as of curtains, chandelier or one's feet over the edge of something). (sem. domains: - Hang.)

pabilir [pabilír] v 1To test who has stolen something (as of by setting a trap or calling on a medium to perform a ritual that supernaturally enables him to know whether the person is the thief or not). pahula Ingpabiler nida tong inra kabulig dahil nawagit kag ida mga alahas. She set a trap to test if her maid was a thief because her jewelry was lost. (sem. domains: - Religious ceremony, 4.7.5 - Trial.) 2To send somebody to the medium to be tested and punished (as of a threatened punishment for children). [This is not always understood nowadays but it is based on the threat of having someone supernaturally tested by a medium to reveal their wrongdoing. This will result in their being shamed and punished.] (sem. domains: 4.7.7 - Punish, 4.3.8 - Change behavior, - Rear a child.) der. manugbilir

pabilo [pabílo] n 1The wick of a lamp. mitsa Nagbutang sida it pabilo sa butilya nak igwa’t petrolyo. She put a wick in a bottle which had kerosene in it. (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2The fuse on dynamite (as of on explosives for blowing up rock etc.). (sem. domains: - Weapon, shoot.)

pabilog₁ [pabílog] (der. of bilog) 1adj Being made round in shape (as of a flat circular shape or round balls). (sem. domains: - Concave, - Round.) 2v To let, make something go lumpy; to make, form into balls. (sem. domains: - Piece, - Concave, - Round.)

pabilog₂ [pabilóg] (der. of bilog) v 1To have somebody encircle, encompass something in some way (as of putting stones around a garden); to have somebody draw a circle around something. (sem. domains: - Move in a circle.) 2To make somebody put things together to handle as a whole (as of when wanting to sell fish and share the money, rather than sharing the fish themselves). (sem. domains: 8.1.6 - Whole, complete.)

palabilabihon [palabilabíhon] adj Snobbish, unfriendly, acts superior. (sem. domains: - Unfriendly.)

panugon [panúgon] v To make a will before death; to give final instructions. habilin Nagpanugoney tong ida lolo bag-o maospital. His grandfather made a will before death before he was hospitalized.

sabila n Source of aloes, often called bitter or Barbados aloes. Used as a cure for burns, bruises and prevent baldness. sabila Aloe Vera

sabilir [sabilír] n A kind of fruit. balimbing

samot [samót] 1adj Busy; fast. matulin, mabilis Masamot permi kag ida trabaho para makapauliey. He is always busy with his work so he can go home. 2vt To be in a hurry; to hurry somebody; to bother somebody. ’Ya ako gisamuka it human it imo speech nak maramo pa akong trabaho. Don’t bother me with making your speech, I still have a lot of work. der. masamot

sayudo it kina [sayudó it kinâ] 11.1conj Despite that; in spite of the fact that (as of concession contra-expectation). sa kabila nyan Sa yudo it kina maraog gihapon kita. In spite of that we’ll still win. Kasadya kinang artista hina sa entablado aber sayudo it kina ay namatay yaki kag ida lola. That actress is so happy on the stage inspite of the fact that her grandfather is dead. 22.1conj “On the other hand”; “at the same time”. Kinang mag-asawang kina ay mayaman ney pero sayudo it kina ay nagrayan ra sinra it kahirapan. That couple is now rich but on the other hand they also suffered hardships. Karamo nak mga negosyo kag ida napatulay pero sayudo it kina ay karamo ra kag ida mga utang. He has established many businessess but at the same time he also has many debts.

tabil [tabíl] 1vt To talk about somebody (sometimes implies gossiping). Ingtabil nida sa ibang tawo kag problema it ida kayungot. She talked to other people about her neighbor’s problem. syn: tsismis 2, da-da 2, istorya 1, himplo, bisaya 3. 2n Chatterbox as of people who talk a lot. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.) 3adj Talkative; gossip; a person who talks ill of somebody. madaldal Tabilan sida kada sida ay natampa it ida tatay. She’s talkative so she was slapped by her father. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality, - Gossip.)

tabilan [tabilán] n Bobbler; chatterbox. Tong ida nanay ay tabilan kada karamong kaaway. Her mother is a bobbler that’s why she has lots of enemies.

tibay [tíbay] 1adj Firm; durable; long lasting. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, - Steady, unsteady.) 2n Durability; firmness. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, - Steady, unsteady.) comp. matibay it buot , comp. matibay it ginhawa , der. matibay , der. patibay

tugyan₁ [tugyán] vbt To entrust somebody with something. ihahabilin Itugyan nimo sa inra kag mga trabahuon sa bayay. You’ll entrust to them the work at home. Ikaw kag atugyanan it pagpakaon sa mga anak. You’ll be the one who will be entrusted with the feeding of the children.

tulin [túlin] 1adv Fast; quickly. Katulin ka ida pagrayagan pagkakita nida sa aswang. His running was fast when he saw the witch. syn: rali, raan, ragli 3. 2vbt To go, run, do something quickly, fast. mabilis Nagtulin sida it pagto sa school. He went quickly to school.

abi₁ [ábi] part 1Know for sure or certain; known to be (as of certainty or a recognised fact). [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) 2For example. [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable, and closely follows the conditional pronoun kung "if".] (sem. domains: - Explain.) 3Please tell them to understand my importunity or inability to help (as of applying social pressure when sending a message through an intermediary regarding one's inability to respond as requested). daw Pasensya abi nak waya kami it bugas. Please say I’m sorry but we have no rice. (sem. domains: - Advise.) 4Come on, please! (as of applying social pressure to coax someone to do what is wanted). (sem. domains: - Persuade.) 5Hope so; I wish; lucky things! (as of a statement of wish or envy). (sem. domains: - Jealous, 3.3 - Want.) 6Because in someone's opinion (as of why a certain action was taken). (sem. domains: - Explain.) comp. abi nimo

ansigan [ansígan] adj Using one's own resources, abilities, means; making, finding one's own way (as of each person working to achieve a goal in their own way). (sem. domains: - Try, attempt, 8.1.5 - All.) der. mansig-ansigan

ato₁ [áto] 1vt To provoke a reaction, fight that one can win against somebody younger or weaker; to pay unnecessary attention, take childish actions seriously enough to react (as of an older child reacting, bullying, intimidating or showing their superiority over a younger sibling). patulan Ing-ato busa nimo sida kada nagrako kag gulo. It’s your fault for reacting to her therefore the trouble got worse. Ging-atoey ra kina nimo sida it estoryahan ay yabot kag ida gingtutuuhan. Why do you have to argue with him when in fact he has different beliefs from you. (sem. domains: 4.8 - Conflict.) 2v To entertain an impractical idea, desire beyond one's good judgment, means or ability (as of paying too high a price, buying too expensive a dress, hoping to become something beyond one's ability). (sem. domains: - Agree with someone.) der. palaato

diklamasyon [diklamásyon] 1n Rhetorical display (as of one's elocutory, speech and dramatic ability). (sem. domains: - Speech style.) 2v To present a rhetorical display (as of one's elocutory, speech and dramatic ability). (sem. domains: - Speech style.)

hamon₁ [hámon] v To challenge, dare somebody to do something (as of showing one’s ability, to challenge to a game or fight). hamon Ginghamon ni Euly si Poncing it idamo nak chess. Euly challenged Poncing to a chess game. (sem. domains: - Risk, - Revenge, 4.8.2 - Fight, - Brave, - Attack.)

labot₁ [lábot] 1n A part or concern in a matter; accountability; business. pakialam Waya ako’t labot sa ida aber sida man ay mawagit. I have no concern for her even if she gets lost. Wayâ ka it lábot. It’s none of your business. 2adj To have a part,concern in a matter. Asing nagsagbang sida sa amo istorya ay waya ra sida nalalabot roto. Why did she join in our talk when she’s not concerned.

manog-hula it pananamgo [manog-húla it pananámgo] n Interpreter, foreteller of dreams (as of psychic ability).

manog-pitlo it pananamgo [manog-pítlò it pananámgo] n Interpreter of dreams (as of psychic ability). manghuhula Si Jose kag manog-pitlo it pananamgo tong sida ay hagto’y sa Ehipto. Jose was the one who interpreted dreams when he was in Egypt.