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gantaw [gantáw] v To crawl out from a confined space (Banton). (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

hantak [hántak] n Lentil; bean. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

hantaran [hantáran] adv Brazenly. harap-harapan Kag paghakot ninra it kahoy ay hantaran nak ingpapakita sa tawo. Their gathering of wood is done brazenly in the sight of people. (sem. domains: - Ashamed, - In front of.)

hapya [hápyà] v 1To unroll and lie out flat as of sleeping mat; as of a person lying flat on their back. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.) 2To fall flat (as of leaves, a collapsed house, grass blown or flattened). Naghapya kag mga payay pagbagyo. The rice plants fell flat on the fields after the typhoon. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.) 3To flatten something. pantay Apahapyaon nako’t maado kag mga tiles sa sayog. I’ll have the tiles of the floor lie flat on it. Ahapyaon nako it maado kali nak mataas nak hilamunon. I will flatten this tall grass well. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.)

hasyenda [hasyénda] n Hacienda; large house in large grounds and garden outside a town on a plantation or large farm. (sem. domains: - Types of houses.)

helba santa maria [hélba sánta maría] fr. var. of helba maria

hilba santa maria [hílba sánta maría] fr. var. of hilba maria

hinaom [hiná-om] vi To become accustomed to doing something because of continuing success; to abuse somebody else; to take advantage of. namimihasa Nahinaom sinra it hagar it bulig sa amo. They are abusive in asking help from us. Naghihinaom sida it takaw it manok dahil waya sida girarakopa. He’s becoming accustomed to stealing chicken because he’s not being caught. syn: abuso 2, nanali. (sem. domains: - Habit, - Advantage, - Use a person, - Accustomed to.)

ikaw it impapamatyagan [ikáw it impapamatyagán] idiom - Convert to subentry Aware of your feelings; to be concerned about one’s situation (as when not visible, present with each other). ikaw lang ang binabantayan Ikaw it impapamatyagan it imo mga kayungot kung sauno ka maasawa. Your neighbours are concerned about when will you get married. (sem. domains: - Think about, - Alert.)

indi matakos₂ [índì matakós] (comp. of indi, takos) adj Immeasurable; beyond measure. [lit: not measure] walang kapantay Di takos kag ida kasadyahan tong nag-abot kag ida tatay. Her happiness couldn’t be measured when her father arrived. (sem. domains: 8.2 - Big.)

ingkantado [ingkantádo/ingkantáda] (der. of ingkanto) n Good looking spirit who lives in banyan trees. [male/female] (sem. domains: - Omen, divination.)

ispanta [ispánta] v To shoot off a gun; to fire a rifle into the air. (sem. domains: - Weapon, shoot.)

kaantabay [ka-antábay] (irreg. infl. kaibahan) n One who stood by in time of need; partner; companion; one who supports, comforts, helps, gives strength to somebody (as in walking, work). Sa ako paghihirap sida yang nak gador kag ako kaantabay. In my difficulty she was really the only one who stood by me. (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to, - Survive, - Help.)

kahangit [kahángit] (fr. var. mahangit) (der. of hangit) n 1Long felt grudge, hatred, anger, bitterness towards somebody. kagalit Karako kag ida kahangit sa ida maestra dahil ingkunit sida. He’s got much bitterness towards his teacher because she pinched him. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.) 2Enemy; antagonist; somebody with whom one has a feud, anger, hatred. Indi ako magpagto sa ida hanraan dahil kahangit nako kag ida manghor. I won’t attend their party because her sister is my enemy. (sem. domains: - Enemy, - Do evil to.)

kanidugan [kanidugan] n Coconut plantation or grove. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from seeds, - Growing coconuts.)

kanta [kánta] 1n Song; song lyric. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2vi To sing. Kaganda ka ida boses tong nagkanta. Her voice was beautiful when she sang. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 3vbt To sing a song; to sing a song to or for somebody. áwit Akantahon nako kali isag. I’ll sing this song later. Ingkantahan namo si Norma it “Happy Birthday.” We sang “Happy Birthday” to Norma. (sem. domains: - Sing.) der. kantada

kantada [kantáda] (der. of kanta) n Song, singing, cantata. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

kapantay [kapántay] adj The same height, level; equal. Kapantayey nida it taas kag ida nanay. She is the same height as her mother. (sem. domains: 6.6.6 - Working with land, - Plain, plateau, - Floor, story, - Exact.)

karaki it puyos [karakî it puyós] n Advantage; benefit; great use. Karako it puyos kung ikaw ay inggwa’t pinag-arayan. There’s a great advantage when you have finished a degree. (sem. domains: 6.9.2 - Work for someone, 4.3.4 - Do good to.)

kupos [kupós] 11.1vi To wither (as of plants). lanta Nagkupos kag tanom tong waya mabunyagi it ruhang adlaw. The plant withered when it wasn’t watered for two days. syn: yadong, yada 2. 22.1vi To become deflated as of ballons, balls or the tube of a tire. Nagkupos kag ida lobo dahil nabuhos. Her ballon became deflated because it got holes in it. 2.2vi To deflate something. Ida ingpakupos kag bola agur indi magamit it iba. He deflated the ball so that others couldn’t use it. 33.1vi To shrink in embarrassment/humiliation; to become shy. Nagkupos ako sa kahuda tong ida ako murahon sa karamuan. I shrunk in humiliation when she scolded me in the public.

lamang [lamáng] 1n Excess; additonal amount; an advantage. lamang Waya’t lamang kag Crispa sa Toyota. The Crispa team didn’t get any more points than Toyota. 2vbt To exceed; to have more of something than somebody else; to excell (such as more points or a higher score). Nalamangan nida kag marka’t ida maguyang. He got a higher mark than his older. Naglalamang sida sa Math. She excells at Math. Nakakalamang ako sa imo it puntos sa test. I have more points than you in the test.

lantakan [lantákan] adj Exposed to direct sunlight. Kag inra mga uyunan ay sa kuray ingbuyar dahil lantakan it silak. Their pillows were dried on the fence because it is exposed to the sunlight.

lantar [lántar] n Apron pouch, mostly for money (as on the front of a conductor’s shopkeeper’s belt, apron; perhaps for clothes pins). Katong kundúktor it dyip ay igwa’t lantar. That jeep conductor has a money pouch on his belt. Nakalimutan nako magraya it lantaran papagto sa barko para magtinra it coke. I forgot to take the apron with the money pouch when going to the ship to sell coke.

lantas [lántas] v Almost cut off, severed; almost finished. lantas Nalantas nida’t basa kag libro nak ida ginghuyam. She’s almost finished reading the book she borrowed. Isot yangey nida malantas kag liog it ida kaaway nak karuyot kag ida sunrang. A little more and he would have cut off the head of his enemy because his machete was very sharp.

lantaw [lántaw] vt To look into the distance; to get a view of something. tinatanaw Alantawon nako sa ibabaw it bayay kung riin naghahalin tong a’so. I’ll look into the distance at the roof of our house where the smoke is coming from. syn: tiktik 1, antaw, tiir, munra. der. lantawon