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yagtok₁ [yágtok] 1n The sound of cracking knuckles or joints. Abang kusog kag yagtok it ida mga tudlo. The sound of her cracking knuckles is very loud. 2vi To crack, creak as of knuckles or joints. It yang nagyayagtok kag ida mga yuta-yuta pag napas-an it mabug-at. His joints creak when he lifts up heavy things. Bada-ey gipayagtuka kag imo tudlo ako’y nadidisturbo. Stop cracking your knuckles it’s disturbing me.

yupak [yúpak] vi 1To collapse; to give way under the weight of something. Kag amo salong ay nagyupak dahil sa bug-at it mga payay. Our shed collapsed because of the weight of the rice. Nagyupak kag lamesa nak sira it haligi pagingkor it tawo. The table with the broken leg collapsed when the person Nagyupak kag ida bangko. The chair she was sitting on collapsed. sat on it. syn: guba 3. 2To cause something to collapse. bumigay Ingpayupak nida kag lamesa dahil nahangit sida sa ida asawa.
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