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kaydo [káydo] vbt To cook rice until the water is absorbed. saing Ako akayduhon isag kag bugas. I’ll cook the rice later. Asukáron kag kinaydo sa pinggan habang mainit pa. I will serve the cooked rice onto the plate while it is still hot. [The staple food is rice (bugas) which is cooked slowly in water in a cast iron pot (kaldero) until all the water has been absorbed (unog) into the rice and it has a dry consistency where the grains separate easily.] (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

kilis [kilís] 1vbt To wash rice before cooking it. kilis, linisin Akilisan pa baga nimo kaling bugas? Will you wash this rice? syn: yanggas, hugas, hinaw. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.) 2v Slightly rippled surface of the ocean as from wind over a smooth surface. (sem. domains: - Calm, rough.)

kita₄ [kítà] 1n Earnings; sales; income. Kag kita it ida tinrahan kada adlaw ay dos mil pesos. The sales of her store everyday is 2,000. Intao nida sa ida asawa kag ida kita sa pagpangisra. He gave to his wife his earning from fishing. (sem. domains: - Earn.) 2vt To earn money; to make a living. kita Makita ako sa tinrahan it sang gatos kada adlaw. I earn one hundred pesos everyday in the shop. Akitaon nako kag sang gatos it usang adlaw yang. I earn one hundred pesos in only one day. Akitaan nako kag bugas it rako. I will make a lot of money on the rice. (sem. domains: - Produce wealth, - Earn.) comp. baling kinitaan , der. pangita

kunsumo [kunsúmo] 1sta To be consumed. Nakunsumo tong ingbakay nak bugas. The rice that we bought is already consumed. 2vt To use; to consume. konsumo Nagkunsumo kami it sobra sa ruhang kilong isra kada semana. We consume more than 2 kilos of fish every week. Ahipiron sa bayay kinang amo payay para kunsumo ray namo it ako pamilya hanggang sa masunor nak ani. I store our rice in the house for my family to consume until the next harvest.

libog [libóg] vi To worry about; to be concerned about somebody or something (usually results in doing something on behalf of somebody). mag-alala Inalibugan ako sa ako masakit nak manghor kada ako nak raan sida gingbakyan it buyong. I was concerned about my sick sister so I immediately bought her some medicine. Nagpangalibog ako sa inra nawagit nak payay kada nagtao ako it ruhang gantang nak bugas sa inra. I was worried about their lost rice so I gave them two gantas of rice. Aya gikalibog sa amo nak indi kami marugay. Don’t worry about us because we won’t stay long.

maanam [maánam] adj Fast growing; increasing size. Rice puffs up goes far when cooked. maalsa Kaling bugas nak bag-ohan ay maanam gikayduhon. This newly harvested rice increases a lot when cooked. Mas maanam kag kabadi sa kayaki. Women are faster growing than men. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

malagat [malagát] time A certain length of time. Indi malagat ay ubos ray tong usang pasong ninrang bugas. It won’t be long before their one bag of rice is used up again.

mulistya₂ [mulístya] adj Annoying somebody by asking for donations, help (as of keeping on coming back). Permi yang rang mulistya katong inra kayungot it mga asin ag bugas sa inra. Their neighbor always annoys them by asking for some salt and rice.

narik [nárik] n Preservative used in rice, NGA Waya nako gusto kag hugom it narik nak bugas. I don’t like the smell of preservative in rice.

o₂ conj Or (as of disjunction). o Bakay it tinapay o puya nak bugas. Buy bread or brown sugar. Mahalin kamo o mapabilin dili? Will you leave or will you stay here? comp. aber...o , id. man-o , id. o kung buko...yang

pa₃ part 1Still (as of continuing doing something); still, more (as of still having some more). [This particle is the 1st position enclitic in the Verb Phrase.] pa Nagtatrabaho pa ako. I am still working. Kaon pa ngani kamo. Please eat some more. Igwa pa ako it bugas. I still have some rice. Hina pa sinra. They are still there. Sa usa pang adlaw mapanha kami. We’ll visit there the day after tomorrow. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere, 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2(Not) yet; still (not) done something. Waya pa man yang pati nakapamahaw si Juan. Juan hasn’t even had breakfast yet. Waya pa ako it bugas. I have no rice yet. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, 9.2.6 - Particles.) 3Even more so; the one picked on anyway (as of emphasis and disapproval). Man-ong ako pa kag ida ingpasapoy sa ida anak. Why did he even have me meet his child anyway. Nagbasa sida it ruhang libro pa, bag-o magkatuyog. She read two more books before going to sleep. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) comp. ag iba pa , comp. bada pang , comp. , comp. kauno-uno pa , comp. pa...ey

paaray [pa-áray] (der. of aray) v 1To put somebody through school (as of paying the tuition fees and expenses). paaral Gingpaaray sida it ida ninong hanggang makatapos it abugasya. His godfather sent him to school until he finished law. (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School.) 2To make, enable somebody to study something. (sem. domains: - Study.)

palipor [palipór] vbt To hide something behind, in something. kubli Ipalipor nako kaling bugas sa irayom it hagran para indi maubos nak raan. I will hide this rice under the stairs so it won’t be consumed immediately. syn: kahimpitan 2, himos, tago 1, hipir, tago-tago 3.

pasong₁ [pásong] n Cavan of rice. bulto Tigpila kag usang pasong it bugas? How much is one cavan of rice? der. pinasong

pasungán [pasungán] syn. parákà n A long woven basket for transporting rice. Kag ruhang pasong nak bugas ay indi maghusto sa usang pasungan. Two cavans of rice will not be enough in one long woven basket for transporting rice. [Holds/cavan,/pasong/25 gantas]

pinsan buo [pínsan buó] (id. of pinsan) 1n 1.1vt To put things together somewhere. ipisan Pisanan yangey kinang bugas sa lata. You put the rice together in the can. 2n First cousin

pur-as [púr-as] v To pound rice a second time to remove remaining husks left on grains. pangalawang bayo Pur-asi anay kag bugas bag-o kayduhon baling karamong pasi pa. First pound the rice a second time then cook it in case there are still a lot of unhusked grains.

rasok [rasók] 11.1adj Firm, tightly packed, as of a bag of grain. . (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 22.1vbt To pack something down, such as dirt in a ditch, grain in a container, clothes in a suitcase; to shake down. siksik Ingrasok nako kag butangan it bugas para maghusto kag ap-at nak kilo. I shook down the rice container so the four kilos would fit in. Arasukon nako kag maleta it yamit tapos asarhan. I’ll pack the suitcase with clothes and then close it. (sem. domains: - Stick together.)

reklamo₁ [reklámo] n Regret. reklamo Abang reklamo nako nak waya ako naka patura it bugas. I hardly regret that I didn’t given her instructions to set aside for me some rice. syn: sulisuli 1.

rugang [rúgang] 1vbt To increase an amount; to add to something. magdagdág Nagrugang kag nanay it donasyon sa eskwelahan. The mother added a donation to the school. Arugangan nako it usa pang gantang kag ako binakay nak bugas. I’ll add one more gantang of rice to what I am buying. syn: abuno 1, rugli. (sem. domains: - Earn.) 2n Surcharge. Naghagar it rugang sa pamasahe kag kunduktor it dyip. The conductor of the jeep asked for a surcharge to the fare.

ruom [rúom] 1vt To eat uncooked rice. kukot ng bigas Nagruom it bugas si Titay habang nagiistorya. Titay kept on eating uncooked rice while telling stories. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Food from seeds.) 2v To nibbling something constantly. as of roasted beaten rice (limbok). (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Food from seeds.)

sayuob [sayúob] vbt To seep into a boat and rise to the level of cargo, specifically of water. pasok Nagsayuob kag tubi sa motor kada nabasa kag mga bugas. The water seeped into the boat so the sacks of rice got wet.

sunggoy [súnggoy] v To carry on head. magsúnong Waya sida nahuda magsunggoy it usang sakong bugas. He’s not ashamed to carry one sack of rice on his head. [An expression used about a man whose wife is going out on him is sungoy tai meaning ‘he’s being shit on ’ (lit. ‘carry feces on the head’).] (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.)

sungo₁ [sungó] n Sharp ended rice grains. Ingtaphan ni Nitay kag bugas dahil abang ramong sungo. Nitay winnowed the rice because there are lots of sharp ended rice grains.

supit [supít] 1n Weevils in flour, rice, grain (as of small green insects especially in rice). 2adj Full of weevils. Supiton kag inro bugas. Their rice is full of weevil. 3vi To be infested with weevil. supit Asipiton kinang inro arina kung indi isupot sa selopayn. Your flour will be infested with weevil if it’s not pu in a cellophane bag.