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tablas n Name of an island inhabited by Bantoanon, Asi speakers (sem. domains: 9.7 - Name, 9.7.2 - Name of a place, 3.5.3 - Language.)

tadlong [tádlong] 1adj Straight; correct; reformed; true. tuwíd 2vi To become straight. Nagtadlong kag inra linya. Their line became straight. 3vt To straighten something; to reform (eg. ones habits, life). Sida kag nagtadlong it kinang alambre. He was the one who straightened the barb wire.

tres islas n Three islands (Banton, Simara, Sibale) inhabited by Bantoanon Asi speakers, (sem. domains: 9.7 - Name, 9.7.2 - Name of a place, 3.5.3 - Language.)

ugali [ugálì] 1n Customs; habits. 2vt To make something a habit, to see to it that something is always done. ugalì Ugalia bagang buhosan kag kubita pagkatapos it ihi. See to it that you pour water down the toilet after urinating. syn: sulunranon.

panghimud-or [panghimúd-or] v To stretch and sigh. Iday batasan nak magpanghimod-or sa atubangan it pagkaon. Its his habit to stretch and sigh while still at the table. [It is bad manners to stretch and sigh while eating.]

ugat it amo away [ugát it ámò áway] idiom - Convert to subentry Cause one who caused our fight. ugat nang aming away kag ida pag-ininom it perming ugat it amo away. His drinking habit is always the cause of our fight.
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