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suyong [súyong] v To put something in the fire to burn (the fuel includes anything to be burnt). sulsol Suyungon nimo katong mga likot sa habig it sunog. You put that rubbish around the sides in the fire. Asuyungan nimo kag kayado it rabok hanggang makayuto. Put the firewood in the fire until the food cooks. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn.)

tig- [tig] 1adv For each one. (sem. domains: - Classifiers.) 1.1adv Each one (as of measurements or numbers). tig Ing-baligya nida it tig-singko kag kapada. He sold papayas for five pesos each. Tig-pila kaling mga isra? How much each are these fish? 22.1time Season time (as of when summer comes of its the growing season for a crop). Tig-uyan ay hanggang sa Disyembre. Rainy season lasts until December. Tig-badabas ngasing. It’s guava season now.

tiwil₂ [tíwil] v To perform witchcraft, sorcery on adulterers by using part of a turtle; to be stuck, unable to disengage from sex (as of sticking this into somebody who will be unable to disengage from adulterous sex and may even die). Ging-tiwil nida kag ida asawa nak abang ayo magpangabade kada tong ida asawa ag kag ida kabit ay wayaey magkabayagan hanggang sinra ay mamatay. She performed witchcraft on her husband who really was a womaniser so her husband and his mistress where unable to disengage before they died.
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