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yangas [yangás] adj Naughty; running everywhere; can’t sit still. malikot Abang yangas tong mga anak ni Alicia. The children of Alicia are very naughty. syn: paras 1, sutil, likot 1, mayangas.

bisyo₁ [bísyo] v To take a certain action, make, do something to solve a problem or cope with a situation. bisyo Kag ida gingbisyo ay maado sa mata it Diyos ag sa mata it tawo. He did well in God’s eyes and in man’s eyes. syn: himo, hiwat 1, human, hikot. (sem. domains: - React, respond.)

himo [hímò] vt To make; to do or take action. gawa Inghimuan ako nida it basket. He made a basket for me. syn: hiwat 1, human, bisyo, hikot. (sem. domains: - Purpose, goal.) der. manoghimo it , id. himuong tinapay

hiwat [híwat] vbt 1To hold, convene, put on an event (such as a meeting, party, etc). ginanap Inghiwat kag kasay ninra sa bag-ong simbahan. Their wedding was held at the new church. Waya sinra’t ibang inghihiwat kada adlaw kundi ay magpayawor. They have nothing else to do every day but to got out deep sea fishing. Kag M/V Fortuna ay perming inghihiwatan it sesyon it Sangguniang Bayan. The M/V Fortuna is where the Sanggunian Bayan always holds their sessions. syn: himo, human, bisyo, hikot. (sem. domains: 6.9.1 - Management, - Succeed, 6.9.2 - Work for someone, 9.1.2 - Do.) 2To do, perform a certain activity, task (as of weaving etc). 3To begin work, prepare, make a move on doing something.

human [humán] vt To do; make; work. gawa Asing naghuman ka it bayay-bayay? Why did you make a play house? syn: himo, hiwat 1, bisyo, hikot. (sem. domains: 6.1.6 - Made by hand.) comp. inghuman it tawo , der. human-human

lipos [lipós] 1adj Sorrounded. Lipos sinra it kaaway. They are sorrounded by enemies. (sem. domains: 6.4.2 - Trap.) 2vt To surround somewhere, something; to put something around somewhere. napaikutan Alipuson nako’t kuray kag amo rayaag. I will have to put a fence around our yard. syn: libot 1, ikot, tiyog 2.1.

sutil [sutíl] adj Naughty. sutil Abang sutil si Anthony dahil ingpipitas nida kag buyak nina Manang Heather. Anthony is a naughty boy bacause he picks the flowers planted by Manang Heather. syn: yangas, paras 1, likot 1, mayangas.

kahig [káhig] 1n A rake. (sem. domains: 5.6.5 - Sweep, rake.) 2vi To scratch in the dirt, specifically of chickens. kahig Perming nagkakahig dili sa amo kag inra mga manok. Their chickens are always scratching in the dirt here at our place. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Chicken.) 3vbt To rake something up from somewhere. Kahiga baga kag mga likot sa rayaag. Please rake the trash in the yard. (sem. domains: 5.6.5 - Sweep, rake.) id. kahig tuka

puntok [púntok] 1n A pile, heap of something. puntok Ka amo parti ay sampuyong puntok, usang parti sa nag-aani, sidam nak parti sa tag-iya. Our division of ten piles is one share for the harvesters and nine shares for the owner. syn: munton-munton, tumpok, puntok 2. 2vbt To pile up into piles. Apuntukon nako kag mga tagrukon sa likor it bayay. I will pile up the poles into piles at the back of the house. Ingpuntok-puntok nida tong likot para madali gihakuton. He piled up the garbage so it would be easy to gather. syn: munton-munton, puntok 1, tumpok.

puyot₂ [púyot] v To pick up with fingers, as of small things. pulot Apuyuton nako kag likot sa rayaag. I will pick up the garbage in the sorroundings. syn: ponpon. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something.)

raginot [ragínot] 11.1vt To begin something; to introduce something new. umpisahan Ingraraginutaney nida kag ida trabaho dahil limitado kag ida oras. She is beginning with her work because of her limited time. syn: tuna 1. 22.1vt To do gradually; to do bit-by-bit. umpisa Raginotey ikaw it sag-ob habang apila pa kag mga tawo sa gripo. You gradually fetch water while there are still few people at the faucet. syn: inot-inot 1. 33.1vbt To hurry to do something. pinasimulan Ingraginutan ni Neysa it silhig kag mga likot sa rayaag. Neysa hurried up doing the sweeping of trash on the lawn.

rap-ong [ráp-ong] 1n Place for burning with a big fire. siga Kag rap-ungan it mga likot it banwa ay sa baybay. The place for burning the town rubbish is near the sea. (sem. domains: 5.5 - Fire.) 2vbt To build a big fire. nagsunog Nagrap-ong sida sa silong it bayay agor paasuhan kag mga namok. He built a big fire under the house so as to smoke out the mosquitos. Rap-ong anay agor pag-ugraw makakaihaw kita it isra. Build a big fire first so that when it dies down we will be able to broil the fish. (sem. domains: 5.5 - Fire.) 3n Big fire; bonfire (built up intentionally). Kag ida rap-ong ay nag-abot sa inra ringring. His big fire burnt till it reached their wall. Nasunog ka inra ringring dahil inaputan it rap-ong. Their wall burnt down because it caught on fire from the big fire. (sem. domains: 5.5 - Fire.)

rayom [ráyom] 1n Depth of something in feet, meters or fathoms. 2adj Deep. 3loc Depths; bottom; underneath. 4vbt To deepen something. malálim Arayuman ninra ka buho nak abutangan it likot. They’ll deepen the hole where the garbage will be damped. Ingparayuman namo kang Badlong kag kanal agor makailig kag tubi. We had Badlong make the ditch deeper so the water could flow. comp. sa irayom it duta , comp. sa irayom it raga , der. irayom , der. karayom-rayuman , der. marayom , der. pairayom , der. parayuman

sagang [sagáng] 1vbt To block the flow; to protect by blocking somebody/something from something (wind, water). bara Nagsasagang kag likot sa sapa pag nabaha. Rubbish blocks the river whenever there is a flood. Pagsakay namo sa motor nasagngan ako nida sa agsik it humbak. When we rode in the boat, I was protected by her from the waves. syn: bayabag 4, sapong, harang 3, abang, taming. 2n Wind break.

suyong [súyong] v To put something in the fire to burn (the fuel includes anything to be burnt). sulsol Suyungon nimo katong mga likot sa habig it sunog. You put that rubbish around the sides in the fire. Asuyungan nimo kag kayado it rabok hanggang makayuto. Put the firewood in the fire until the food cooks. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn.)

tap-ok [táp-ok] 11.1v To throw out of somewhere (as of a boat in rough seas). Gingtap-ok yangey ninra sa ragat kag inra mga raya dahil pay makuyobey kag inra baroto. Their things were just thrown out in the sea because their boat was nearly capsized. 22.1n A garbage dump outside of the town. tambakan Tong kuyba ay inghuman nak tap-ukan it likot it mga tawo. The cave site was used as a garbage dump by the people. 2.2vbt To throw out garbage. Asing inro gingtap-ukan it papel kag amo rayaag? Why did you throw paper out on our yard?

tigbong [tígbong] vbt To lower something, somebody into a hole. Ingtigbong nina Duway si Bolog sa buho it katong haligi nak ingkukutkot. Duway lowered Bolog into the hole of the post they are digging. Itigbong nako katong mga likot sa buho agur indi magkalat. I will lower the garbage into a hole so it won’t scatter.

tumpok [túmpok] vbt To pile, stack up in a heap (of clothes to wash, rubbish to burn, food to sell). tambak Ingtumpok nida kag likot pagpanilhig. He pilled up the rubbish when he swept. syn: munton-munton, puntok 1, puntok 2.

upot₂ [upót] 1adj Cleared away completely; used up. 2vbt To clear away something completely from somewhere; to use up something (as of licking a dish after cooking, using up all the paint); to clean up something (such as all the rubbish or water on the floor). simot Auputon nida kag mga likot sa kusina. She’ll clear away all the dirt in the kitchen. Aupotan nako’t buling kag kaldero. I’ll clear away all the soot in the kettle.

waya ra hingan [wayâ ra híngan] part Not much. walang gaano Waya ra hingan it destruso sa mga pananom katong nagligar nak bagyo. There was not much destruction of plants during the past typhoon. Waya ra hingan it likot sa bayay aber waya’t tawo. There’s not much garbage around the house even though there aren’t any people.
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