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pikat-pikat [pikat-pikát] vt To blink sleepily, frequently. kurap-kurap Nagpipikat-pikatey kag mata it katong lapsag habang gingpapadede sa bote. The baby is already blinking sleepily while being bottle fed. (sem. domains: - Eye.)

pikit [píkit] v 1To squint; to wink. pikit Ingpikitan nida tong magandang rayaga. He wink at the beautiful lady. Nagpipikit sida dahil nasisilawan sida sa adlaw ag kahapros kag ida mata. He’s squinting because the sun is bright and his eyes are sore. (sem. domains: - Eye.) 2To squint, as in glare (Calatrava). (sem. domains: - Eye, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

pila₄ [pílà] 1n A scar. 2vt To heal (a wound, operation); to form a scar Nagpipila pa yang kag ako inuperahan. My incision is just now healing. Nagpapapila ako it ako inuperahan. I’m healing from my operation. 3adj Healed. pilát Pilaey kag ako ugar. My wound is already healed.

pilo₁ [piló] vi To feel so shy that one is not able to move, speak even when spoken to (as of when one is "rooted to the spot" and speechless). hiya, pilohan Napipiluhan sida maghiwas pagkaatubang nida kag ida haling mayaman. He feels so shy that he can’t hardly move or speak when he faces his rich brother. syn: punsyon, bangkiti 1, buda, punsyun. (sem. domains: - Shy, timid.)

pilot [pílot] vt To close one’s eyes; to rest for a short time; to rest ones eyes. pikít Nagpipilot kag mga tawo pagnagrarasay. The people close their eyes when praying. Pilutan kinang imo pilay it mata. Rest your tired eyes. syn: katuyog 1, higra 1, kapisok, pahuway, hilay-hilay 1.

ping-it [píng-it] vi To sob. hikbi Sin-o kinang nagpiping-it? Who is sobbing? syn: tibaw, ngoyngoy 2.

pirat-pirat₁ [pirat-pirát] v To blink one’s eyes a lot. kurap-kurap Nagpipirat-pirat kag mata it anak dahil napuling. The child’s eyes blinked a lot because there’s dirt in it.

pisik kag uban₂ [pisík kag úban] v To grow, sprout grey hair; to turn grey suddenly (as in real or joking comment). tubo ang puting buhok Pag-abang ramong problema nako ay nagpipisik kag ako uban. When we have lots of problems my grey hairs suddenly grow.

pisik₁ [pisík] v To shoot, sprout especially of seeds. tubo Abang sadya it mga mangunguma nak nagpipisik kag binhi nak inra ingtanom. The farmers were very happy because the seeds they have sown have already shot.

piyar₁ [piyár] v Honest with money; trusted. napagkakatiwalaan Kag inra kaibahan sa bayay ay napipiyaran ninrang tanan. Their companion in the house can be trusted by all of them.

piyar₂ [piyár] 1adj Dependable. tiwala (sem. domains: 4.3.5 - Honest, - Reliable.) 2v To trust somebody to be responsible, trustworthy with regards to money, a task, secrets. possessions, etc. tiwala Ingpipiyar nako kag ako trabaho sa ida. I am entrusting my work to her. Sio ka imo ingpipiyaran it imo gamit kung waya ikaw dili? Who is the one you entrust with your things when you are not here? (sem. domains: 4.3.5 - Honest, - Reliable.) der. napipiyahan

raog₂ [raóg] vbt To win; to overcome. manálo Indi kita makaraog it ato kaaway kung waya si Kristo sa ato. We won’t be able to overcome our enemy if Christ isn’t in us. Sio kag nagraog sa butuhan? Who won the election? Aparaugon nato kag ato napipiliang kandidato sa pagka-presidente. We’ll let our choice candidate for president win. Naraog sida it ida pagkamalanguhin. He was overcome by his desire to drink. Naraugan nako kag ako kasapot sa trabaho nak kali. I overcame my irritation with this work. Kag ida ingraugan sa bunot-bunotan ay diyes pesos. What he won in the raffle was ten pesos.

sutil [sutíl] adj Naughty. sutil Abang sutil si Anthony dahil ingpipitas nida kag buyak nina Manang Heather. Anthony is a naughty boy bacause he picks the flowers planted by Manang Heather. syn: yangas, paras 1, likot 1, mayangas.

tugaygay [tugáygay] vbt To assess whether something is good, bad. tugaygay Atugaygayan nako kag ida batasan kung sida ay mapipiyaran. I will assess her character whether she can be depended upon.

yo-yo [yó-yò] v To slit, cut the throat of an animal, bird (person?) being slaughtered (as of a small cut to jugular veins so the blood will drain out). katay Pipia anay kag liog it manok bag-o yo-yoon. Beat the neck of the chicken before slitting its throat. (sem. domains: - Food from animals.)
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