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kung [kúng] conj 1If (as of condition-consequence relations). kung Kung ako ikaw, indi nako sida gipahalinon dili. If I were you I wouldn’t let him leave here. Ataw-an ka nako’t kwarta kung imo ibakay it papel ag buko dulse. I’ll give you money if you’ll buy paper and not candy. Muyati raha kung hinaey kag dyip. Look and see if the jeep is there. (sem. domains: - Clause conjunctions.) 2When, if (as of a condition which is also temporal). Matam-is kaling prutas kung mahinog. This fruit is sweet when it gets ripe. syn: pagka, kato 2. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time.) 3Unless, if (as of an unfulfilled condition giving rise to an unfulfilled result). Indi sida gihahalin kung waya sida gisisilingga. She won’t leave unless she’s told to. (sem. domains: - Condition.) 4What; who; when; why; where; for/from whom (as of a grammatical form linking nominal clauses beginning with interrogatives or pronouns etc). Nakita nako kung nio kag ingbaligya nida. I saw what he sold. Naayaman nako kung para kanin-o nida gibaligyaan kag karabaw. I know for whom he sold the water buffalo. comp. Aunhon pa kag hilamunon kung minatayey kag kabayo , id. kung kausa/kung kaamat , id. kung pwede/kung maaari/kung sarang , id. kung sabagay

lipas [lípas] 11.1vbt To pass over, bypass, overlook. lampasan Amo tan-a si Joy alipasan kung waya namo sida nakita. We would have passed Joy over had we not seen her. Nagutas kag anak sa eskwelahan dahil nalipasan sida it gutom. The child fainted in school because she missed her meal. (sem. domains: 8.1.4 - More.) 22.1v To overcome. Malilipasan rang gador nato kaling mga kahirapan. We shall overcome these hardships. (sem. domains: - Solve a problem.) 33.1vbt To pass by, beyond as of time to eat, sleep etc. nakaraan Pag nalipas kag ako katuyugon, indiey ako makatuyugan. When my sleepness passes, I no longer feel sleepy. Tong naglipas nak semana, ingtakuran kag amo bayay it koriente. This past week our house was attached to the electrical power. (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat, 2.4.5 - Rest.) 44.1vbt To ignore; to let something pass by (as of somebody’s comment or time). Inapalipas yang nako kag ida bisaya. I just ignored what she said. Nagutas kag anak sa eskwelahan dahil nalipasan sida it gutom. The child fainted in school because he missed her meal. (sem. domains: - Ignore.)

maaslom [ma-aslóm] (der. of aslom) adj Sour. maásim Tong nagsabak sida kang Antony ay permi yang sida nak kaon it maaslom nak prutas. When she was pregnant with Anthony she always ate sour fruits. (sem. domains: 2.3.3 - Taste.)

mantsa₂ [mántsa] n Stain; blemish. mantsa Maado ag waya mantsa kag ida reputasyon. His reputation is good and without stain. Indi mabaoy kag mga mantsa sa ako sada. The stain in my skirt can’t be removed. syn: tubag 1, mantsa 2.

paburito [paburíto] adj Favorite. paboríto Kag ako paburitong prutas ay manga. My favorite fruit is mango. (sem. domains: - Prefer, - Choose.)

pamparugay [pamparúgay] adj Preservatives. pampatagál Maadong pamparugay kag asukar sa mga apreserbahong prutas. Sugar is a good preservative for fruits to be preserved in.

subo₂ [subó] 1v To heat metal, as of a blacksmith heating and sharpening a machete. (sem. domains: 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.) 1.1vi To froth at the mouth. subó, bula Pagkagutas nida, nagsubo kag ida yuba. When she convulsed, she frothed at the mouth. (sem. domains: - Lose consciousness.) 22.1vi To bubble (as of boiling water, cooking). Nagsusubo ka kinaydo kung nagkakayarkar. The rice bubbles if it’s boiling. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.) 2.2vi To allow to make bubble; to bring to a boil. Ingpasubo anay nako kag gata bag-o butangan it asukar. I will bring the coconut milk to a boil before putting in the sugar. syn: kayarkar. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.) 33.1n Scum, foam on cooking (as of on boiling rice, soup, meat etc). Kag subo it kinaydo ay inahapaw pag nagkakayarkarey. The scum on boiling rice is scraped off if its already boiling. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

supot₂ [súpot] 1n A bag; sack. 2vi To put into a bag. supot Asuputon nato ling imo binakay nak prutas. We will put the fruits you bought into a bag.

takwil [takwíl] v To reject; to eject, send out somebody from somewhere; to banish; to ostracise; to excommunicate somebody. Ingtakwil sina Adan ag Eba it Dios sa paraiso tong magkaon sinra it katong prutas. God ejected Adam and Eve from Paradise when they ate that fruit.

tigana [tigána] vt To save something; to put something aside; to reserve; to conserve. tira Nagtigana ako it suya para sa paninghapon. I saved viand for supper. Tigan-e kami it itlog kung maabot, ha? Save us some eggs when they arrive, ha? Gusto nako nak magtigana it mga prutas para sa ako mga barkada. I want to save fruits for my friends. syn: hanay, laan 2.1, yain, tura 1, sobra 1.
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