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nagpakayuskos [nagpakayúskos] (der. of kayuskos) v To slide, as in baseball. (sem. domains: - Game, - Balance.)

open the basket [open the basket] n Game of two teams catching each other in and out of a circle of players who raise and lower their hands. (sem. domains: - Game.)

pahiyang [pahiyáng] v To concede to an oponent in a game. (sem. domains: - Game.)

pakuring [pakúring] n Game of throwing coins, rubber bands, at a wall to see whose rolls the furthest. (sem. domains: - Game.)

palusibo [palusíbo] n Game of climbing a greasy bamboo pole. (sem. domains: - Game.)

pamakoy [pamakóy] (der. of bakoy) n A piece of wood used for hitting; a bat. (sem. domains: - Game, 7.7.1 - Hit.)

pamano [pamáno] (dial. var. anting) 1n Game of throwing coins in a square to reach a certain point, line. (sem. domains: - Game.) 2v To have a coin tossed (as of seeing who starts a game etc.). [mag-] (sem. domains: - Sports.)

panaswang [panaswáng] n The boss in a game of bagoy (who teaches). (sem. domains: - Game.)

paper dance [paper dance] n Game to music. When music stops, pairs of players have to stand on ever smaller pieces of paper. (sem. domains: - Game.)

pingpong [pingpong] n Pingpong game (sem. domains: - Game.) der. pingpungan

pingpungan [pingpúngan] (der. of pingpong) n Pingpong playing table, place. (sem. domains: - Game, - Table.)

pirdi gana [pírdi gána] n The loser wins. (sem. domains: - Game.)

piyesa [piyésa] n One's piece in a game. (sem. domains: - Game.)

ruydakan [ruydákan] n Game of throwing stones and taking them to one's base. (sem. domains: - Game.)

sikyuan [sikyúan] n 1Kind of game to safely run through a lined area which is guarded by opposing players who give penalties to those caught. patentero Nag-idamo sina Meriel it sikyuan tong kabilugan it gab-i. Meriel and company played the running game last full moon. 2Game of tag between players in two bases when one is tagged and put in jail. (sem. domains: - Game.)

sipa₂ [sipâ] n Game. (sem. domains: - Game.)

siyato [siyáto] n Game of hitting, throwing a stick to see how far it goes. (sem. domains: - Game.)

skiping rop [skíping rop] n Skipping game. (sem. domains: - Game.)

su-ot-su-utan [su-ot-su-útan] n A game without getting a score and penalty for the loser is a certain action. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tabla₂ [tábla] n Draw; even; tied score in a game. tabla Pareho sinrang raog dahil tabla ra sinra. They are both the winner because they have a tied score. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tagu-taguan [tagu-tagu-án] n Game of hide and seek. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tanggal [tanggál] n Game of flicking a bundle of rubber bands with fingers to remove one at a time. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tatsing [tátsing] n Game of putting bottle tops in place and hitting them by throwing a stone to move the bottle top. (sem. domains: - Game.)

taya₂ [tayá] n Person who is "in", "it" in a game. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tayhupan [tayhúpan] n Game with blowing berries through bamboo tubes to hit one's oponents. (sem. domains: - Game.)