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kurikanan [kurikánan] n Medium to large sized boat with outriggers and two sails that can make quite a long journey (as of from Tablas Island to Mindoro Island. It holds about eight people.) (sem. domains: - Boat.)

kutar kalamay [kútar kalámay] To sail across the wind; to tack (sem. domains: - Boat.)

kutar-kalamay [kutar-kalámay] v To tack as of a boat. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

lanson [lánson] n A kind of ship (formerly a sailing ship); launch; fishing trawler. bangka Nagkarga sinra it lugit sa lanson. They loaded copra on the ship which came here the other day. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

lastre [lástre] n Balance, ballast as of rocks. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

ligason [ligasón] n The ribs on the hull of a boat. butas (sem. domains: - Boat.)

mayor₃ [mayór] adj Main (as of a mainsail, main mast). puno (sem. domains: - Boat.) id. palo mayor , id. yadag mayor

mayor-ligason [mayor-ligasón] n Five double timbered ribs in the central area of the hull of a boat to give strength. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

pa awoy-awoy [pa awoy-awóy] PH To be carried about, cast a drift on the current ocean. (sem. domains: - Boat, 1.3.2 - Movement of water, - Wave, - Travel by water.)

palo [pálo] n Mast. pálo (sem. domains: - Boat.)

pamayong [pamáyong] n prow, heavy end; front shape of hull as of timbers. ismid Ingkarga nida tong ibang raya sa pamayungan. He loaded the other things at the heavy end of the prow. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

pangespiransa [pangespiránsa] n The first, biggest anchor of a group used to hold a ship (Banton). pundo, angkla Inababa nida tong pangespiransa it bapor ay tong maisotey kag karga. He put down the biggest anchor of the ship when we got some cargoes. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

patong₄ [patóng] n 1Bamboo species which is strong; it grows tall and straight with small or large diameter and grows thinly. It is rough with no thorns on branches and can cause itchiness. Used for building, outriggers, and to make water containers. patong (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 2Bamboo sp. that is long, straight and smooth. It is used for making outriggers (i.e, katig) of boats. (sem. domains: - Boat, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

pok n A small third sail on an outrigger. palo (sem. domains: - Boat.)

prowa [prówa] n Bow, brow, front of boat. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

pupa [púpa] n Poop of a boat; stern; back of boat. unahan ng barko (sem. domains: - Boat.)

riso₁ [ríso] vt To lessen sail. mahina, bagalan Amarisuhan yang nimo kag parayagan it motor para indi magsuyor kag bayor. You lessen the sail of this boat so the waves won’t come in. syn: buhin 2, iban. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

riso₂ [ríso] n Roll up, raise the yardarm to reduce the air in the sail. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

roro [róro] n Vehicle ferry which is flat on both ends where the doors drop-down allowing vehicles to drive on and off either end. roro Si Jose ay nagsakay sa roro pa Batangas. Jose boarded the ferry with a dropped back going to Batangas. [They also carry some cargo and passengers.] (sem. domains: - Boat.)

ruda [rúdà] n Back shape of hull. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

rugyang [rúgyang] v To submerge, sink in water. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

rumba [rúmba] v To lower all sails completely. baba Arumbahan ninro kag mga yadag para indi kitag kuyob. You lower all sails so we will not capsize. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

rumbot hangin [rúmbo't hángin] n Weathervane on mast of a ship made of cloth to indicate wind direction. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

sobre-kilya [sobre-kílya] n Timbers to secure the ribs of a boat. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

takingking [takíngking] (dial. var. balingling) v 1To tip dangerously to one side, as of a boat on a rough sea; to be in a lopsided position; to try to keep one’s balance. kiling Nagtaking-king kag “Manila City” nak barko sa kabug-at. The boat “Manila City” tipped dangerously to one side because of the heavy load. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2To be disconcerted; to be thrown off balance; to be thrown for a loop (as of figurative usage). Kung ingtakaw tan-a nida kag ako bayon nak kwarta ay matakingking dahil waya ako’t agastuhon. If he had managed to steal the money I brought I’d have been thrown for a loop because I’d have had nothing to spend. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.)