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yat-om [yát-om] v To become discoloured; to become off-white, dirty white (as of something freshly washed but after long use). Kag amo tamong ay nagyat-omey dahil sa kayumaan. Our blankets are discoloured because of age.

yata₁ [yatâ] 1adj Mashed; crushed; flattened; softened consistency. 2vt To flatten something; to mash; to crush something; to make soft consistency. lata Ayataon nako kag batag ag ayakutan it kinurkor. I will mash the banana and mix in the grated coconut. Ayataon ni nanay kag kamoteng ipakaon sa anak. Mother mashed the sweet potato that she’ll give.

yat puyos (dial. var. bagos)

yat kamudo-mudo [ya't kamudo-mudó] idiom - Convert to subentry Very insolent. walang mudo Ya’t kamudo-mudo talaga tong ida anak nak aber di tawo ay mag-inukaw. That child of hers is very insolent that even when there are people around he keeps shouting.

yasona n Eaten either raw or cooked in various ways. Bulbs are used for pickles in brine. Both leaves and bulbs are much used in the kitchen for the preparation of dishes. Onions is used for treating worms in the stomach, stomachache due to over-eating, diarrhoea, a choleraic attack, pains in the loins, headaches, amenorrhoea, and need of tonics. sibuyas tagalog Allium Ascalonicum

yasuna [yasuná] n Chives, shallots. sibuyas tagalog Naggamit si Mayra it yasuna sa ida ginisang utan. Mayra used chives for her sauteed vegetables.

yaswa [yáswa] (dial. var. talsik) 1vi To fly off, out of where something is placed or attached. tumilapon Nagpangyaswa kag ida raya tong mabangga sida’t usang tawo. All the things she was carrying flew out of her hands when a man bumped her. syn: yasik 2.1, talsik. 2sta tumilapon Nagyaswa kag takong it ida sapatos. The heel of his shoes flew off. Ingpayaswa it kayaki kag ngisi it ida kalaban sa suntukan. The man knocked the teeth of his opponent out in the fist fight. Nayaswa kag ako katungka pag-abot ninra. My sleepiness flew away when they arrived.

yasog nimo [yásog nímo] expression - Convert to subentry An expression meaning “your testicles” and said to naughty or noisey child to make them be quiet. bayag mo Yasog nimo, siling it usang anak sa kapwa nida anak. “Your testicles” said the child to the other child.

yasog [yásog] n 1Male reproductive organs, private parts. (sem. domains: - Male organs.) 2Testes; scrotum. bayág; súpot ng bayág (sem. domains: - Male organs.) comp. batakon it yasog

yasip [yasíp] n An eating bowl made from half a dried coconut shell. Nakausang yasipey kami it mga kukurton, hila, sarinlab ag tatlong balinsungay,... We had one coconut shell bowl of kukurton, hila, sarinlab, and three balinsungay shells,... (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.)

yasik [yásik] 11.1vbt To disperse; scatter; splash, spray; roll away; spread about; fly out of reach. (This is a movement away from a point of impact, source.) tumilamsik, tumilapon Iyasik kaling baso pag imo matamaan it bunggo. This glass will fly everywhere when you hit it with the stone you’re throwing. Sida ay ingyasik pag balintong it dyip. He was thrown clear when the jeep rolled over. Nagyasik kag baga sa subrang kainit. The coals were scattered because of too much heat. Ingyasik kag ida bolpen pagkahuyog sa sayog. Her ballpoint pen rolled away when it fell on the floor. Nayasikan ako it tubi nak halin sa saguyong. I was splashed by the water which came from the manmade spring. [This one motion has a cause whether seen or unseen, which often changes the object into small pieces which move away from the original position and cause. English uses different words specific to different objects being affected.] 22.1vi To drive away from one’s body, mind (as of worrying thoughts or tiredness feelings). Ingyayasik ka inra tungka dahil sa inra guya. Their tiredness was driven away because of their laughter. Nagyayasik kag ako kapilay pag di sonata. My tiredness was driven away by the music. Ayasikon kag ako kapilay pag di sonata. My tiredness was driven away by the music. Iyasik kag ako kapilay pag di sonata. My tiredness was driven away by the music. syn: talsik, yaswa 1.

yasihas [yasíhas] v To run off because of fear, scatter in all directions (as of animals). watak-watak Kag mga baka sa rantso ay nagpangyasihas tong ingyagor it iro. The herd of cows on the ranch ran in all directions when chased by the dog.

yasak [yasák] v To chop up small, finely. squash flat flatten. hiniwa-hiwa Ingyasak-yasak nida kag karne nak ako ingbakay. The meat that I bought was chopped up small by him. syn: intik 1. (sem. domains: 7.7.4 - Press.)

yasaw₁ [yasáw] vi To salivate with desire for sour tasting foods; one’s mouth waters for something sour. yasaw Nagyasaw kag yuba pagkakita it sampaloc. My mouth watered when I saw the tamarind. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.)

yasaw₂ [yásaw] n Something which is diluted; the second straining of coconut milk. Ayasawon nako kag gata. I’ll dilute the coconut milk. (sem. domains: - Liquid.)

yas-ay [yás-ay] 1vi To loose one’s appetite; to become disinterested in doing something or going somewhere (as of eating or traveling). Tong baktin nina A.Alice ay nagpayas-ay it pagkaon kada inra gingbaligya. The pig of A.Alice lost it’s appetite that is why they sold it. Baka ayas-ayan ra si Elmer magpa Manila dahil indi ikaw magnunot sa ida. Elmer might be disinterested in going to Manila because you will not go with him. 2adj Without appetite, specifically of food; to find food tasteless; to lose flavour. walang gana Mayas-ay kag ida pagkaon dahil sida ay ingsasagnat. She is without appetite when eating because she’s sick. Si Nene ay mayas-ay magkaon dahil ingsasagnat. Nene found it tasteless because she was sick.

yarda [yárda] n Yard. yárda

yari [yárì] v To settle a matter, problem. Pagkatapos it pirma ay nagkayari sinra. After signing the matter was settled between them. syn: areglo 1, tagapamagitan.

yapute [yapúte] n Fruit species; black sapote. A kind of fruit that’s small, round and black. sapote Buduboy kag bunga it yapute nina Auntie Geling. The black fruit of Auntie Geling are in clusters. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

yapsi-on [yapsi-ón] adj Pale, sickly, malnourished looking skin, person. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.)

yapote n The fruit is medium-sezed, up to 2 centimeters in diameter usually smaller, dark red to black, rather dry and with a pleasant but rather acid flavor, and contains a large seed. It is rather acid for dessert fruit but makes a good wine or jelly. lipote Eugenia Curranii

yapsi [yápsì] adj Pale skin coloring (as when afraid, sick). putla Sida ay nagpangyapsi pagkakita it tong anak nak naipit it dyip. She turned pale when she saw the child run over by the jeep. syn: putla 1, yansi. (sem. domains: - Nervous.) der. pangyapsi

yapot [yapót] n Thick coconut milk, the first straining. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

yapnos [yápnos] (dial. var. ayom) n 1Bruise. (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 2.5.3 - Injure.) 2To bruise, become bruised (as of skin becoming discolored due to injury or bleeding). (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 2.5.3 - Injure.)

yápar [yápar] 1n Width (as of roads, rooms, flat land). Kag yapar it ida sinturon ay limang sentimetros. The width of her belt is five centimeters. 2adj Wide. malapad, maluang Mayapar kag inra kanidugan. Their coconut grove is wide. syn: liway 1. 3vt To widen; to make more spacious. Ingpayapar ka rayan hampig sa Salingsing. The road near Salingsing was widened.