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tahop [tahóp] vbt To winnow rice in a flat basket. magtahíp Atahupon nako it maado ling bugas. I will winnow this rice well. syn: udap. (sem. domains: - Winnow grain.)

tingi [tingî] vt To buy rice or grains. tingi Matingi ako it mais sa merkado. I’m going to buy corn in the market. Pagubosey it bugas, matingi ako. When the rice is all gone, I’ll go buy some. Itingi nako it bugas kaling kwarta. I will buy rice with this money. [It refers to the social level of people who do not have land to grow their own rice but have to buy it from day to day. It is somewhat like “subsistence”.]

tsupa₂ [tsúpa] n Cup size for measuring rice, corn etc. Kag inra ginggagamit nak takusan it bugas ay usang tsupa. What they are using to measure rice is a cup sized measure.

tubo₃ [túbò] v To profit from something. tubo, gana Ingpatubuan pa ra katong bugas ninra ay sarili ra katong tubas. They still made a big profit in the rice anyway it’s their own harvest. (sem. domains: - Make profit.)

ubos₂ [úbos] 1sta To be consumed; used up; ‘out of stock’. ubos Naubosey kag amo kwarta! Our money is all used up! Naubos it takaw kag amo manok! Our chickens were all stolen! Naubos it sunog kag inra baro. All their clothes were burned up. 2vbt To consume something; to have nothing left. Waya’t natura nak suya nak ing-ubos it mga anak. There’s no viand left because it was all consumed by the children. Naubusan kami it bugas. We have run out of rice.

udap [údap] vbt To shake, winnow rice to remove the tiny broken grains. tahip Udapi it maado ng bugas agor limpyo nak gador. Winnow the rice well so it will really be clean. syn: tahop.

upa₁ [upá] 1n Rice husk (as of the outside of the rice grain); chaff. ipá Abang ramo pa it upa kag inra bugas. Their rice has lots of husk in it. (sem. domains: - Winnow grain.) 2vt To use rice chaff for some purpose. ipa Aupahan ninra kag yelo nak halin sa Lucena. They use rice chaff to pack the ice that comes from Lucena.

yagtok₃ [yágtok] vi 1To soften when soaked in water (as of a mark on the floor, fish scales, rice). Nagyagtok kag ida inghu-om nak rukot it kinaydo. The burnt part of the cooked rice that she soaked in water, softened. (sem. domains: - Grind flour.) 2To soften something by soaking it in water. lambot Ako apayagtukon kag himbis it isra bag-o kaliskisan. I’ll let the fish scales softened in water before removing them. Apayaktokan nako’t bugas kag marakong planggana. I’ll let the rice soften in water on the big basin.

yugaw₂ [yúgaw] vbt To cook rice until creamy consistency (like porridge), usually made using sticky rice). lugaw Ayugawon nako kag bag-uhan nak bugas. I will make creamed rice with the new rice. Iyugaw nako kag rabok. I will use the wood to cook creamed rice. Ayugawan nako kag masakit nak anak. I will make creamed rice for the sick child. [The uncooked, dehusked grains (bugás) of white sticky rice (mayágkit) or black sticky rice (tapóy) are cooked till creamy (yugaw).]