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linya₁ [línya] 11.1n Line. guhit Ingbutangan it linya sa tunga it karsada. They put a line in the middle of the street. 22.1n Family line, tree. linya Sa linya ni David naghalin kag maadong mga sundalo. From the family line of David came the good soldiers.

litik₂ [litík] v To crack (as in glass, china). Pagbutang nida it mainit nak sabaw sa mayukong ay naglitik. When she put hot soup in the bowl it cracked.

matigson [matígson] 1adj Strong; sturdy; healthy (said of living things such as people, plants). malakas, matibay Matigson kag anak nak nagsususo sa Nanay. The child who is breast feeding is strong. Kada waya natumba it hangin kag mga tanom ay mga matigson. Those plants are strong so they did not fall over in the wind. 2vi To become strong. Matigson kag imo anak pag apakaunon nimo it maado. Your child will become strong if you feed him well. 3vi To make something strong or healthy. Apatigsunon nako kag ako mga tanom sa pagbutang it abuno. I’ll make my plants healthy by putting fertilizer on them.

miyentras [miyéntras] (irreg. infl. miyentras tanto) conj While; meanwhile (as of simultaneous events). habang Nag-iidamo ka mga anak miyentras nagbubunak si Nanay. The children play while mother washes the clothes. Adar-on kinang payay nak nakabutang sa kostal sa bayay ag ahipiron miyentras tantong waya natatapos ka anihon. We take the rice which has been put in bags to the house and store it while the harvesting is not finished. syn: habang, hastang 2, samantalang, hanggang 3. comp. miyentras malip-ot kag tamong, matuon ka it pagbalikutot

muhon₁ [muhón] n Cement landmarker. Pagkasurbey it amo duta ay ingbutangan nak raan it muhon. After our land was surveyed a landmarker was put in. syn: muhon.

muton [mutón] n The pulley wheel, rings on sail rigging. Ingbutangan nida’t pisi tong muton agor kagaan maghila. He put a rope on the pulley wheel so it would be easy to pull.

ngasing [ngásing] 11.1time Now that, while (as of simultaneous or overlapping events). ngayón Ngasing nak manggaranoney sida wayaey sida gipapasyar sa amo. Now that she’s rich she doesn’t come by our place. Imo ngasing ibutang kaling isra sa kanastro. It’s your turn now to put the fish in the fish basket. 22.1time Today; nowadays. 33.1conj Then; now what happened next was; so then (as of a sequence of events). ngayón Ngasing ako ay ingpadar-an it suyat it tong ako manghor sa Simara. So then I sent a letter to my younger brother in Simara. 3.2conj Then id. ngasing nak mga adlaw , id. sa ngasing

pabilo [pabílo] n 1The wick of a lamp. mitsa Nagbutang sida it pabilo sa butilya nak igwa’t petrolyo. She put a wick in a bottle which had kerosene in it. (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2The fuse on dynamite (as of on explosives for blowing up rock etc.). (sem. domains: - Weapon, shoot.)

pakada [pakadâ] 1adj Face-upwards (as of things e.g. dishes, playing cards etc). pabuka (sem. domains: - Card game.) 2v To put face-upwards (as of things e.g. dishes, playing cards etc). Gingpakada nako kag pagbutang it mga pinggan agor maado gibitbiton. I put the plates face-upwards so they are easy to carry.

palag [palág] v To resist somebody. palag Waya gipalag tong kriminal tong sida’y butangan it pusas sa ruhang damot. The criminal didn’t resist when handcuffs were put on his hands.

pamato₃ [pamató] n Heavy weights. pabigat Kag pukot nina Berit ay ingbutangan it pamato. The fishing net of Berit had heavy weights attached to it.

pamunggan [pamunggán] v To ferry, pull boats across on hand-held ropes. hawakan Nagbutang sinra it pisi nak pamunggan para sinra ay maka-tabok sa suba. They used hand-held ropes for ferrying the boats so they could cross the lagoon.

panguntra₂ [pangúntra] n Antidote to protect somebody from spiritual evil; amulet against supernatural evil power, spirits. Kag mga anak ay inabutangan it panguntra sa inra yamit para indi mausog. The children have amulets attached to their clothes to protect them from evil powers.

parákà [parákà] n Large, woven storage basket for rice, holding nine pasong. paraka Ako ibutang sa paraka ag ahipiron sa bayay kinang amo payay. I put it in the large, woven storage baskets and store our rice in the house. (sem. domains: 8.2.8 - Measure.)

pasa₃ [pása] (irreg. infl. pasa-pasa) vbt To pass something to somebody; to pass something around from hand to hand (such as an offering plate; throwing and catching, (such as keeping a ball moving in a game). pasa Nagpapasa-pasahan sinra it bola bag-o nag-idamo. They are passing the ball to each other before playing. Ipasa nako kaling ako trabaho insulip sa maestra. I’ll pass my work to the teacher tomorrow. Inra yang gingpasa-pasa kag bola para maubos kag natuturang usang segundo sa inra idamo. They just kept passing the ball to use up the remaining one second of their play. Perming si Robert kag nagpapasa it butangan it mga kwarta sa simbahan. Robert is the one who always passes around the offering plate at church. Ing pasa-pasa anay sa ibang tawo kag ako postcard bag-o mag-abot sa ako. My postcard was passed around from person to person before it arrived at me.

pasunor [pasúnor] vt To line something up. sunod-sunod Ipasunor nako’t butang it bato sa habig it buyak. I’ll line these stones up at the edge of the flowers.

patubi [patubî] (der. of tubi) v To irrigate, have water run somewhere (as of water into a rice paddy prior to planting or running water through a cleaning filter into a reservoir, receptacle). tubig Kag ako tatay ay nagpagto sa tubigan para magpatubi dahil sida ay mabutang it abuno sa masunor nak adlaw. My father went to the wet rice land to let in the water because he was to put on fertilizer the next day. (sem. domains: - Irrigate.)

pisutan [pisután] (irreg. infl. puswitan) n Small sea cucumbers. Kagumo gikaunon kag pisutan aber pugaan yang it suwa ag butangan it toyo. It’s crunchy to eat the small sea cucumbers even if they’re only squeezed with limes and soy sauce is put on them.

porpor₁ [pórpor] 11.1vt To pulverize something (stones, medicine, etc). pulbos Ingporpor anay nida kag ragkong bato bag-o ingbutang sa lata. He first pulverized the big stones before he placed them in a can. 22.1vbt To sprinkle pulverized medicine, or powder on a wound or skin. Waya nako naporpor kag buyong sa ako ugar. I wasn’t able to sprinkle the powdered medicine on my wound.

punay₁ [púnay] n A small bird with brown and blue color. Nakarakop si Jun-jun it punay ag ingbutang sa usang hawla. Jun-jun caught a small bird with brown and blue coloring and put it in a bird cage.

rasok [rasók] 11.1adj Firm, tightly packed, as of a bag of grain. . (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 22.1vbt To pack something down, such as dirt in a ditch, grain in a container, clothes in a suitcase; to shake down. siksik Ingrasok nako kag butangan it bugas para maghusto kag ap-at nak kilo. I shook down the rice container so the four kilos would fit in. Arasukon nako kag maleta it yamit tapos asarhan. I’ll pack the suitcase with clothes and then close it. (sem. domains: - Stick together.)

rayom [ráyom] 1n Depth of something in feet, meters or fathoms. 2adj Deep. 3loc Depths; bottom; underneath. 4vbt To deepen something. malálim Arayuman ninra ka buho nak abutangan it likot. They’ll deepen the hole where the garbage will be damped. Ingparayuman namo kang Badlong kag kanal agor makailig kag tubi. We had Badlong make the ditch deeper so the water could flow. comp. sa irayom it duta , comp. sa irayom it raga , der. irayom , der. karayom-rayuman , der. marayom , der. pairayom , der. parayuman

rudan₂ [rúdan] 1n A swing (made of wood); a hammock (often used as a child’s craddle) hung by opposite ends. duyan Ida ingbubutang anay sa rudan kag anak agor makakatuyog. She first puts the baby in the hammock so that he’ll fall asleep. 2vt To put a child in a hammock (rudan); to swing or rock a child in a hammock. Inarudan kag anak it ida yaya hanggang matuyugan. The child is rocked in the hammock by his nurse until he falls asleep.

sa₂ 11.1case To, in, at (which is the non-personal oblique case marker occasionally having the spatial meanings ‘from, on’ as well). sa Nagpagto sinra sa sapa. They went to the river. Nakabutang kag Pepsi sa frige. The Pepsi is in the frige. Hagto sida sa eskwelahan. She’s at the school. 22.1case Ownership; belongs to somebody (as of possession indicated by the oblique case marker). Sa ida katong dyip. That jeep is her’s. 33.1temp On, at, for, in (as of future or duration of time). Mapa-Maynila ako sa Sabado. I’ll go to Manila on Saturday. Katong programa ay sa alas tres sa masunor nak Sabado. That program is at three o’clock on the following Saturday. comp. ay sa , comp. kumporme sa , id. sa ap-at nak tuig , id. Sa Lunes nak hapon , id. sa masunor nak adlaw , id. sa ngasing nak paabuton nak Lunes , id. sa ngayan nak , id. sa nio , id. sa pitsa beynte it Enero , id. sa suyor it usang semana , id. sa usang adlaw , id. sa wakas

sang-at₁ [sáng-at2] 1adj Placed higher up. 2n Place where things are put on. 3vbt To put up higher on something; hang up (e.g hang up a basket on a nail, put one’s leg up on a chair, put something on a higher shelf). sukbit Mahirap magsang-at it mabug-at sa mataas nak butangan. It’s hard to put heavy things up in a high place. Nakasang-at sa ida ingkoran kag ida siki pagnagkakaon. He puts his feet up on the chair while he was eating. Nalimutan nakong isang-at kag basket sa lansang. I forgot to put the basket up on the nail.