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nuno sa punso [núnò sa púnsò] n Dwarf-like spirits that live in earth mounds. nuno sa punso Indi kuno gigsiraon kinang raga sa puno nak pay mataas dahil ingga busa it mga nuno sa punso. They say one shouldn’t destroy the dirt that is piled up around trees because the reason is that there are dwarf-like spirits there.

pagusto [pagústo] n Whenever one likes; at one’s own whim, liking (as of indulging oneself or one’s children). kung gusto Pagusto it tong inra bisita nak magkaligos ay napagto sa ragat ag magrangoy. Whenever their visitors like to swim they just go to the beach and swim.

pandimunay [pandimúnay] n An oval loaf of bread which may be large or small. monay Kag bayon nina Bebilita sa ragat ay pandimunay. The food brought by Bebilita’s group to the beach was an oval loaf of bread.

pantay₂ [pántay] 11.1adj Equal; fair; level. pare-pareho 1.2vt To level something; to flatten something; to make something equal. pare-pareho Apantayon nimo ka pag utoy it mga buyak para maadong muyatan. You try to level the cuttings of the flowers so its good to look at. 22.1v To treat impartially; to treat equally. 33.1n A standard; a level. 3.2vbt To equalise; to level; to reach a certain level. Apantayan nako kag marka nimo sa klase. I’ll reach tha same marks that you get in class. Apantayon ninra kag raga nak apatulayan it bayay. They level the land where they’ll build the house.

pasyar [pasyár] v To go out strolling. pasyal, limayon Nagpamasyar sinra sa habig it ragat. They went out strolling along the seashore. syn: ladiyo. (sem. domains: - Walk.)

paypag₂ [páypag] v To brush, dust off something with one’s hand, an instrument (as of removing dust or dirt). pagpag Ingpaypagan it raga ni Norma kag ida binuyar nak baro nak nahuyog. Norma brushed the dirt off the clothes she’d been drying when they fell.

pundo₃ [púndo] (irreg. infl. punro) 1vi To stop. hinto Nagpundo tong bapor sa tunga it ragat. The ship stopped in the middle of the sea. 2vt To stop something. Waya nida gipunduha kag makina it dyip. He didn’t stop the jeepmotor.

putla [pútlà] 1adj Pale colored (as of skin when one is sick, afraid). Putlaoney sida dahil sa ida sakit nak hepatitis. He looks pale because he’s sick with hepatitis. syn: yapsi, yansi. (sem. domains: - White, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.) 2vi To become, turn, go pale (as of skin when one is sick or afraid). putla Nagpamutla baga sida tong mayumos sida sa ragat. He became pale when he was almost drown in the sea. (sem. domains: - White, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, - Change color.) der. putlaon

ragli₂ [raglí] adv Quickly; for a short while; immediately. dagli Kag mga kilis it ragat nak nupay mga ginirgir nak balinghoy ni Nanang Damay ay naging saksi sa ragling pagrayagan namong tatlong pabukir. The washing of the sea was like the shreds of Aunty Damay’s cassava and were witnesses as the three of us quickly ran towards the farm.

rangoy [rangóy] vi To swim. lumangóy Nagrangoy kami sa ragat. We swam in the sea.

rungan₂ [rungán] v 1To be with, all together; to go together. sabay Nagrungan kami it kaligos sa ragat. We went swimming together at the sea. Nakarungan nina Jesus sa pagkaon ka mga makasal-anan nak tawo. Sinner ate together with Jesus. syn: impon. (sem. domains: 4.1.1 - Friend.) 2To put something togeher. Irungan yangey it gisa tanan nak utan para sa pinakbit. We’ll put all the vegetable together to be sauteed for the pinakbet. (sem. domains: - Logical.) der. karungan

sablig [sáblig] v To splash with water; to spash as of large waves. wisikan Nagsabligan kami’t tubi nak ragat. We splashed each other with sea water. syn: sabyag, samo. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.)

sabog₃ [sábog] 11.1adj Untidy; disorganised; scattered. Sabog kag pagplano it inra bayay. The plan of their house is disorganised. 22.1vi To explode; to blow-up. Nagsabog kag ida rayang trayanggulo. The firecrackers that he carried with him exploded. Nagsabog kag barko sa ragat dahil nabanggaan it tanker. The ship exploded at sea because it was hit by a tanker. syn: yupok 2. 2.2vi To blow something up. Ingpasabog ninra kag kada bato it dinamita. They blew up every rock with dynamite.

sabyay [sábyay] 11.1n A drying line, branch. 1.2vbt To hang something over, beyond an identifiable point (e.g. clothes draped over a wire, a drooping hemline, an object projecting over the edge of a roof, hair which is beyond normal length). sampay Nagsasabyay sa kuyungan kag ida idamuan. His toy is hanging off the roof. Ingsabyay nida kag yamit sa sabyayan. She hung the clothes over the clothes line. Nakasabyay sa likor kag ida baro. Her dress is hanging down at the back. Sabyay sa raga kag kahaba it ida buhok. The length of her hair hangs to the ground. 22.1vbt To accidentally get caught on. Nagsabyay kag anak sa sanga kada waya nahuyog. The child accidentally got caught on the branch do it didn’t fall.

sagor [ságor] vi 1To drag on, along the ground (long clothing, wash on line, lame leg). kaladkad Kag bali nak siki it uning ay nagsasagor pagnapanaw. The cat’s broken leg drags on the ground when she walks. syn: sagudar 1. (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty.) 2To drag something on the ground. Ingpasagor nida kag binuyar nak yamit sa raga. He dragged the dry clothes on the ground. (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty.)

sagudar [sagúdar] 1vi To drag on, along the ground (long clothing, wash on line, lame leg). sayad Nagsagudar kag ako sayway sa yunang dahil subrang mahaba. My pants dragged in the mud because they are too long. syn: sagor 1. 2vi To drag something on ground. Ingpasagudaran nida kag raga it binuyar nak yamit. She dragged the dry clothes along the ground. 3adv Dragging something; something being dragged. Pasagudar sida magpanaw. She drags her feet when she walks.

sakag₂ [sakág] (irreg. infl. sawayang) v To fish with long thin net in deeper water with either end held by one person. Gingsakag namo kag mga isra para amo mabaoy sa medyo marayom nak ragat. We fished for fish with a long thin net so we could get them from fairly deep water in the ocean. syn: sungya, sawayang 1.

salbabida₂ [salbabída] n Life jacket. salbabida Naggamit si Joan it salbabida sa ragat nak daok sida magrangoy. Joan used a life jacket because she doesn’t know how to swim.

sampugoy [sampúgoy] vt To stop something. hinto Ingsampugoy ni Hesus kag mga ragkong humbak ag nagkalma kag ragat. Jesus stopped the big waves and the sea calm down.

suhot [súhot] 1.1vbt To go underneath; to go inside, through a small opening. Nagsuhot kag mananakaw sa irayom it bayay para magtago. The thief went underneath the house to hide. Ingsuhutan nako ikaw pagrangoy. I went through your legs when swimming. 1.2vt To go underneath to get, retrieve something. suotan Asuhuton nako ka tsinelas sa irayom it lamesa. I will go underneath the table to get the slippers. Nasuhutan kono kag kabade it mga itlog it linta kag nagkakaligos sida sa ragat. The eggs of leeches entered the woman while she was bathing in the ocean. [There are stories of women being impregnated when the eggs of either leeches, squid, etc. enter a woman’s womb and mutliply there. It is suspected that women are susceptible when bathing during menstruation.]

sungaw₁ [sungáw] 1n Steam; vapour, steam given off by the earth, beach (as of the steamy heat of the earth or the cool freshness of the ocean). singaw Aya gigpabad-i kag mga anak nak magliwas it bayay pagkatapos it uyan dahil kayain kag sungaw it raga. Don’t neglect the children who go outside the house after rain because the steam off the earth is bad. syn: hungaw 3. (sem. domains: - Cloud.) 2vi To steam, let out steam; to evaporate. Nagsungaw kag kinaydo. The cooked rice let out steam. syn: singaw. (sem. domains: 1.2.3 - Solid, liquid, gas.)

sungya [súngya] (irreg. infl. sawayang) v To fish with long thin net in deeper water with either end held by one person. Nagpangsungya kami ni Uncle sa ragat it mga isra. Uncle and I fished with a long thin net for fish in the sea. syn: sakag, sawayang 1.

suyog₁ [suyóg] 1(sem. domains: - Drip.) 1.1v To leak, let water in (as of a boat). Abang tulin ra magsuyog kaling imo baroto. Your boat really lets in water fast. 2n Current of water. Kakusog kag suyog sa ragat kada waya it maramong dawi. The sea current is very strong so we had a small catch. (sem. domains: - Flow.)

taas [tá-as] 1n Height; tallness. (sem. domains: - High, - Tall.) 2adj High; tall. mataás Mas mataas sida sa ako. She’s taller than me. (sem. domains: - High, - Tall.) 3vt To go up higher; to become expensive (as of a price or wage). Tas-an anay ka sampayan agor indi magsagudar kag mga binuyar sa raga. Please raise up the clothesline so the clothes won’t drag on the ground. Naado it buot kag mga tawo tong nagtaas kag presyo it lugit. The people felt happy when the price of copra went up. Nagmamataas-taasahaney sida ngasing dahil nak nakatrabaho sa Saudi kag ida asawa. She’s becoming high-minded now because her husband was able to work in Saudi. (sem. domains: - Move up, - Expensive.) 4vt To become high pitched (as of somebody's voice getting higher pitched in anger). (sem. domains: - Angry, - Shout.) comp. mataas it ihi , comp. mataas it yupar , der. itaas , der. mataas , der. matinaas-taason

tabo₃ [tábò] 1vi To join up; to meet (as of people meeting, rivers joining up, pieces of timber joining together). kita Nagtabo kag ragat ag sapa pag-inuyan. The sea and the river joined up when it rained heavily. Matabo ako kang Rosa sa inro hampig. I will meet Rosa near your place. (sem. domains: 7.2.2 - Move in a direction.) 2vt To close up an opening; to join things together (as of bringing, putting, joining things together e.g. stitching up an opening or tear in cloth, or joining pieces of timber together at a certain point). Ingtabo it doktor kag imo ing-operahan. The doctor stitched up the place where you had the operation. Atabuon nida kag nagisi nak baro nida. She will stitch up her torn dress. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) der. atabuan , der. patabo