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tex [tex] n Game with artists cards that are flicked over to see which come face up, so as to win. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tikbalang₁ [tikbálang] n Game of walking on bamboo poles. (sem. domains: - Game.)

trompo [trómpo] n Spinning top. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tubig-tubigan [tubig-tubigán] (der. of tubigan) n Game of two teams. One guards a marked field and the other tries to get past the defending team and back home without being tagged. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tumbalata [tumbaláta] n Game of running while others throw flip-flops at empty can. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tung-it [túng-it] n Card games. (sem. domains: - Game.)

tyes [tyes] (sp. var. chess) 1n Chess game (as of the board, table game). (sem. domains: - Chess.) 2v To play chess. (sem. domains: - Game, 4.2.7 - Play, fun.)

ukay₁ [ukáy] (id. of ukay) v 1To sit in for somebody playing majong. (sem. domains: - Game.) 2To search for, through things by moving them aside to see every detail. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search.)