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tarantado [tarántado] (der. of taranta) n Panicky man. (sem. domains: - Afraid, - Nervous.)

tupong [tupóng] 1adj Just touching, meet in the middle, as of two objects. (sem. domains: - Between.) 1.1adj Level; Point, place at which items meet, touch (as of blinds meeting, touching one-on-one); Equal with something, somebody (in height, length) Tupongey baga kami it ako manghor. My younger sister snd I are the same height now. 1.2vt To equalize; to level something. ipapantay Atupungon nako kag kuray. I’ll level the fence. Itupong nako’t kuray kag yagari. I’ll use the saw for leveling the fence. 22.1vbt To reach the same level as somebody else (as of achievement, height) Natupungan nida kag inarayan it ida maguyang. He was able to reach the same level with the education gained by his brother. Atupungan nako kag ida marka, kada mapakaestudyo pa ako. I’ll study more so I can reach the same level with his mark.

turpe [túrpe] adj Stupid. tarantado, torpe

ungan-ungan [ungan-úngan] vbt To postpone something; to delay something; to wait for something. paliban, nag-antay-antay Nagpaungan-ungan sinra it pagmiting dahil apila pa kag tawo. They postponed the meeting because there were still few people. Ingpaungan-ungan kag inra pagpauli sa probinsya. Their going home to the province was postponed. Aya gipaungan-ungan sa inro pagpanaw. Don’t delay your coming. Maungan-ungan anay ako dili nak sabaling mag-abot kag isra. I’ll just wait here because maybe the fish will arrive. sim: hawir 1, abaya 3.

utas [utás] v Cut right, straight, clean off completely. lantay Utas kag liog it manok tong ako inglabo. The hen’s neck was cut straight off when I cut it with the machete.

wayat kapareho [wayá't kaparého] adj Beyond compare; worst; best; incomparable. walang kapantay Kag pagpalangga it Ginoo ay waya’t kapareho. The love of God is beyond compare.

yadong [yadóng] vi To close up at night; to wither wilt because of lack of water; (said of flowers or plants). nalanta Nagyadong kag mga buyak dahil nalimot ako magbunyag. The flowers wilted beacause I forgot to water them. syn: kupos 1.1, yada 2.

yantap [yántap] adj Good, calm weather. maganda Yantap kag panahon tong kami ay nagpaali dili sa Nasuli. The weather was good & calm when we came here to Nasuli.

hilba maria [hílba maría] (fr. var. hilba santa maria; sp. var. helba maria) (comp. of hilba) n Plant species of aromatic grass like oregano with medicinal properties. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine, - Medicinal plants.)

abusador [abusadór] (dial. var. abusado) (der. of abuso) 1adj Abusive; presumptuous; taking advantage of somebody or some privilege. Abusador sida maghuman it kalukuhan dahil mayaman sinra. He is abusive in making mischief bacause they are rich. (sem. domains: - Use, 4.1.6 - Disunity.) 2n Abuser; presumptuous person; a person who takes advantage of somebody or some privilege).

abuso [abúso] (dial. var. abusado) 1adj Abusive; presumptuous; taking advantage of somebody or some privilege. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) 2vi To abuse, be presumptuous, take advantage of somebody or some privilege. abuso Maabuso kag anak it paghagar it kuwarta kung imo apasugtan it tao. The child will abuse us by asking for money if we don’t limit the giving of money to him. Ingabuso it tawo kag kabuot it tong maguyang nak negosyante. The man abused the kindness of the old businessman. syn: hinaom, nanali. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) der. abusador

asyenda [asyénda] n Hacienda; large house in large grounds and garden outside. A town on a plantation or large farm. (sem. domains: 6.2.9 - Farmland.)

bakiníta [bakiníta] v To press the dried coconut flesh down into packing bags for processing into oil, soap etc. The copra is loaded onto a ten-wheeler truck and shipped to Bantangas and driven straight to Lucena for processing. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Load, pile.)

bando [bándo] dial. var. of bandilyo der. manugbando A herald, town crier (as of one who walks around the streets announcing things loudly to the public). , der. pabando An announcement that has to be heralded around town by a town crier or herald (as of one who goes around the streets speaking through a loudspeaker etc.). (Calatrava) To have a message announced, heralded to the public by a town crier or herald (as of one who goes around the streets speaking through a loudspeaker etc.). (Calatrava) pabantala

lugra [lúgra] 11.1vbt To get more than necessary at a particular time (as of buying, eating with the idea of greed also). abuso Indi nako gilugrahan it tao it kwarta kag ako anak agor indi maging abusador. I wont give my children money that’s more than necessary so that they will not become abusive. 22.1adj Abusive; taking advantage of; cheating. Ngasing nak pirmi sidang ingtataw-an it pagkaon ay nagiging lugrador. Now that he’s being given food often, he’s becoming abusive.

muyat₁ [múyat] 11.1vbt To look at something; to watch something (such as a movie show); to inspect or examin. tingin, titig Waya sida gustong muyatan. She doesn’t like to be looked at. 22.1vbt To allow somebody to look at something; to show something to somebody; to have somebody inspect something. Apamuyatan nako kag ako niyaya sa nanay. I will show my weaving to mother. 33.1vbt To look after something; to take care of something; to look into a matter or situation. Muyati anay kaling bayay habang waya ako. Look after the house for a while while I’m not here. 44.1saying - Convert to subentry Did not take notice of something; unmindful of something; unaware of something. Wayaey sa ida pagmuyat kinang ida anak nak bitbit dahil nawiwili sida’t kaistorya. He didn’t take any notice of his child because he was so involved in his conversation. 55.1excl See hah! Hay muyating nahuyog kinang imo raya sa karali-rali. Hah see, your things fell when you hurried. 66.1v “Let me see.” 77.1vbt To go for a medical check-up; to have a doctor examine somebody. Ingpamuyatan nako katong anak sa doktor. I will have the child examined by the doctor. Waya namuyati it doktor kag anak. The doctor didn’t examine the child. 88.1vt To treat somebody to a movie; to take somebody to see, watch something (as of TV, games, a dance). Ingpamuyat nako sida it sini. I will treat you to a movie. 99.1vbt To wait to see the outcome of something; “We’ll see if...”’ Amuyatan nako kung makanunot sa imo. I’ll see if I can go with you. Amuyatan nato kung mapipirde nimo ako! We’ll see if you can defeat me! 1010.1n Respect for others; treatment of others (lit. look). Pay waya’t pagmuyat sa imo maguyang. It’s like you have no respect for your elders. Kayain kag ida pagmuyat sa ako. His treatment (lit. looking) at me was bad. 10.2vbt To show respect for somebody (lit. to look at). Waya nida gimumuyati kag ida mga maguyang. He doesn’t respect his parents. 10.3saying - Convert to subentry To lose respect, love for somebody. Nawaya ka ako pagmuyat sa ako nobyo. I lost all feeling for my boyfriend. 1111.1n Viewing place; vantage point (from which to see, view something). Igwa’t maadong muyatan it pabayle kang Nang Taling. There is a good place to watch the dance from at Aunty Taling’s. 1212.1adj Looks beautiful; nice to watch, look at. Kaganda sida gigmuyatan hina sa ida baro. She looks beautiful in that dress. 1313.1n A person’s look, facial expression. Kag ida muyat ay kasubo. He looks like he’s grieving. 1414.1saying - Convert to subentry A look which has evil intent, purpose. Kinang tawo ay kayain ka ida muyat sa ako. That person looked at me with an evil purpose. 1515.1n One’s opinion about something; comment; suggestion about something; (lit ‘in my sight’); ‘seems to me’. Nio sa imo muyat kag maadong humanon? What is your opinion about this nice thing that was made? 1616.1n Sight; vision; insight. Karuyomey kag ako pangmuyat. My vision is very dim. Marayom kag ida pangmuyat sa mga bagay-bagay nak natabo ngasing nak panahon. He has deep insight into what is happening in these times. 1717.1saying - Convert to subentry To have little hope (lit.‘his sight is very small’). 1818.1saying - Convert to subentry Good taste in clothes, decorating, etc. Maadong pangmuyat sida sa mga klase it baro. 1919.1saying - Convert to subentry To lose control of one’s anger, temper. (lit‘his sight became dark’). Nagruyom kag ida pangmuyat kada ida nabakoy katong ida asawa. He lost his temper (lit sight became dark) therefore he hit his wife. 2020.1adj A person who doesn’t want to be seen or looked at; shy; a snob; somebody who is very possessive; somebody who easily gets angry.

nanali [nanálì] vi To take advantage of somebody; to become abusive. namimihasa Nananali sida it pangbaoy it amo mga gamit. She’s abusive in taking our things. syn: hinaom, abuso 2.

orasyon [orásyon] 1n Prayer, incantation of religious practitioners (as of repetitive wording used by a priest, spirit-healer etc). 2v To pray, say incantation especially of religious practitioners. dasal Bawat pista it minatay kag pari ay nag-oorasyon sa sementeryo. Every ‘all saints day’ the priest says prayers at the cemetery.

pangsulot [pangsulót] v Deceitful, can’t be trusted; wheeler-dealer; take advantage of one’s knowledge to win in business. nulot Indi si Gary mag-uma kung hariin nagbabaligya nak napangsulot tong ida kalaban. Gary won’t tell where he is selling because his co-worker is a deceitful wheeler-dealer.

paníga [paníga] n Rice measuring box, of wood, that holds eight gantang or 17.6 kilos. Kag usang paniga ay suyor it wayong gantang. One rice measuring box holds eight gantang or 17.6 kilos. [Three paniga approximate 1 kaban.] (sem. domains: 8.2.8 - Measure.)

sako [sáko] n Sack; to hold 25 gantang. Ingsuyor sa sako ni Emil kag ing-ihaw nak iro. Emil put the butchered dog in a sack. syn: kustal 2. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.)

tonton₂ vt To take out the patron saint at fiestas and semana Santa. prosisyon Itonton ninra kag patron ngasing nak aga. They will take out the patron this morning.

usang pasong nak hapok [usáng pásong nak hapók] v Twenty-five hard hits which is severe punishment of unruly children (lit. one bag [kaban] 25 gantas of grain). (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.)

giya [gíya] 1vt To guide; to lead somebody. Inggigiyahan kita it Santong Espiritu sa ato pagpangabuhi bilang Kristiyano. We’re guided by the Holy Spirit in our Christian living. syn: toytoy 3, bantay 8, tanor, kabulig 2. (sem. domains: - Advise, - Give permission, - Accept, - Control.) 2vbt To lead or guide somebody/something somewhere. nangunguna Agiyahon nako ka karabaw roto sa maadong agsaman. I will guide the carabao over there to the good grazing place.

habang [hábang] conj While (as of simultaneous events). habang Habang nagtatrabaho si Juan, nagkakanta sida. While John works he sings. syn: miyentras, hastang 2, samantalang, hanggang 3. (sem. domains: - At the same time.)