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yanga-yanga₃ [yanga-yangâ] adj Absent minded; wooly thinking. Abang yanga-yanga nak gador si Mabis maghipir it mga gamit kada indi nida matanraan kag butangan. Mabis is always absent minded about putting things away that’s why she can’t remember were they are.

yayan₂ [yayán] 11.1vt To eat something on its own, such as jam, peanut butter, etc. papak It gipakayayana raw nida tong peanut butter aber waya’t inbutangang tinapay. She ate on its own the peanut butter even without bread. 22.1v To do alone, one only (as of one person acting alone or doing only one action at a time). Ingyayan nako kinang ako hilamunon nak waya ra it nagbubulig. I did the weeding on my own since there was no one else helping. Kag amo suya ay naubos it yayan it mga anak. The children ate up all our viand on its own without anything else.

yugnot [yúgnot] 1adj Close together; tight (as of weaving, fence, bamboo slats). mahigpit Mayugnot kag pagkabutang it mga bitlag sa sayog. The slats put on the floors are close together. 2vt To place close together. malapit Ayugnuton nako kag pagtagrok agor waya’t mayusutan kag baktin. I’ll make the fencing of the poles close to each other so there’ll be no space for the pig to pass through.