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yambang [yámbang] v To look for, try and sight a catch of fish (hit-and-miss fishing); to look for an opportunity by attracting fish with a gas lamp; to scout around for something (as of a sale). Kada hagto sa ragat kag baroto ni Darsing ay nagyayambang sinra it isra. The reason why Darsing’s boat is out at sea is because they are trying to sight a catch of fish. (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing, - Cheap.)

yambo [yámbo] 1n A long fish line with many hooks and lures. 2vi To go fishing with such a line.

yambunawon [yambunáwon] n Swollen yellowish condition of limbs, skin, that doesn't sweat; jaundiced skin. naninilaw Namasran ni Aida nak yambunawon tong ida anak kada ingraya sa doktor. Aida noticed that her child is jaundiced that’s why she brought it to the doctor. (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

yamaw₁ [yámaw] irreg. infl. of lanip

yamaw₂ [yámaw] 1vi To flood; to be covered with water. nabahaan Kag amo bayay ay nayamawan it tubi dahil sa uyan. Our house was surrounded by floodwaters because of the rain. Nayamawan kag lanasan. The ricefield was covered with water. 2vt To flood somewhere; to let water in to somewhere; to irrigate. Ingpayamaw ni Tang Bunong kag tubi sa lanas para magduta kag raga. Tang Bunong let the water spill in the ricefield so the soil will loosen. syn: lanip.

yamat-yamaton [yamat-yamáton] n Becoming rotten, bad, decayed, worn out. as of cloth that easily tears. (sem. domains: - Decay.)

yamat [yámat] part An expression of disgust such as “how irritating”. hamak, nakakainis Yamat! Waya giraog ka ako buyangan. How irritating! My fighting cock didn’t win. syn: yati 1, yawa 1.

yamas [yámas] v To knead, squeeze something in water (as of grated coconut to make coconut milk). lamas Ingyamas anay nako tong kinorkor nak nidog bag-o puga-on. I first kneaded the grated coconut in the water before squeezing out the milk.

yaman [yáman] adj Rich, wealthy. yaman Abang yaman tong unang panahon sina Amboy ugaling ay naubos it kasusugay. During those days Amboy’s family was rich but it was all used up in gambling. syn: manggar 2.

yam-os [yám-os] vbt To wash face. maghilámos Ingyam-usan nida kag ida anak. She washed the face of her child.

yama-yama [yamayáma] n Fish oil that rises to the top of water whwn boiled. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

yaktor₂ [yáktor] v To step over something; to step, or skip something in a series (such as a meal or skipping pages when reading). laktaw Ingyaktoran nida kag mga buyak sa atubangan it bayay. He stepped over the flowers in front of the house. Inagutom sida ngasing dahil nagyaktor sida it paningugto. He’s now hungry because he skipped lunch. Yaktore kag mga pangutana hina sa eksamin nak buko ninro ayam. Skip the questions here on the test that you don’t know. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

yakturan [yaktúran] n Pass, short-cut. (sem. domains: - Way, route.)

yakyak [yákyak] v To drink alcohol greedily, heavily (crude). uminom Tong amo kayungot ay nagpakayakyak it tuba dahil ingbadaan it asawa. Our neighbor drank heavily of coconut wine because his wife left him. syn: yaya. (sem. domains: - Drink.)

yaksaw [yaksáw] vbt To jump over something. talon Kung ako’y naghihigra aya giyaksaw sa ako baling ako’y maputot. When Iam lying down don’t jump over me I might not grow tall.

yaktong [yáktong] n Locust. syn: tibakya.

yaktor₁ [yáktor] v To crop over land; to take direct route; to take short-cut overland, crosscountry. Pagkatapos it linog kag mga estudyante ay nakaisip nak magyaktor halin sa Baguio papagto sa Cagayan. After the earthquake the students were able to think of taking a direct route overland from Baguio to Cagayan. (sem. domains: - Way, route.)

yakot-yakot [yakot-yákot] (der. of yakot) adj Mixed; mixed up (as of somebody’s speech or plans) halo-halo Yakot-yakot ka ida pagbisaya dahil inapilayey sida. Her speech is mixed up because she’s tired. syn: halo-halo 1. (sem. domains: 4.3.6 - Self-controlled.)

yakrag [yákrag] 1sta To fall from a height (person, object); to fall off a tree (as of fruit, leaves). hulog, nalaglag Ako nasambat kag itlog nak nayakrag sa lamesa. I caught the eggs that fell from the table. syn: taktak, tikrag 1, huyog 1, lagas 1, unot. 2vi To fall off a tree (said of leaves and fruit). Nagkayakrag kag mga budog nak yangka pagbagyo. The young jackfruits fell off the tree during the typhoon. 3vbt To drop something from a height. Ingyakragan nako sida’t mga hinog nak kabugaw tong hagto ako sa ibabaw it puno. I dropped to her ripe pomelos when I was up in the tree.

yakot [yakót] 1vbt To join in a game. sali Indi ikaw namo gipayakuton. We will not let you join in our game. syn: partisipar, iba 2, umir 3, yamor 2, yakay 2, halo 1, halo 2. (sem. domains: 4.2.1 - Come together, form a group.) 2v To mix one thing into something else, as of an ingredient in cooking (sem. domains: - Cooking ingredients.) der. yakot-yakot

yaki [yakí] 11.1part Oh!; Surprisingly. pala Nakaabotey yaki sinra it kuman! Oh so they did arrive earlier! Ruto yaki sida gipapauli sa may simbahan! Oh so over there near the church is where she goes home! Kag ida yaki tanang anak ay sa Amerikaey. Oh so her children are all in America already! 22.1part Oh, by the way! Pauno yaki kag imo pagyuto it banana cake? By the way how do you cook banana cake?

yakbang [yakbáng] 1n Step. hakbang Kinang abang ragko nak tawo ay abang ragko ra it yakbang. Those big men have also big steps. syn: yak-ang 1.1. 2vbt To take a long step; to step across something. Aya baga giyakbangi kaling ako mga bag-ong tanom nak buyak. Please don’t step across my newly planted flowers.

yakaraw [yakáraw] vbt To go somewhere; to reach a destination. lagalag Mayakaraw ray kamo ay waya pa gani nakakayuto. You will go out again yet you haven’t even cooked our food.

yakay [yákay] 1vt To mix kinds of rice together before cooking. (The mixing is done with the hands, often on a woven tray and sometimes other grains are mixed in.) halo Ingyakayan nida it mayagkit kag tapoy nak asumanon. She mixed white sticky rice into the black sticky rice mixture. 2n The food mixed with rice. Igwa it yakay nak tapoy kag amo kan-on. There is black sticky rice mixed with our cooked rice. syn: partisipar, yakot 1, iba 2, umir 3, yamor 2, halo 1, halo 2.

yakaran [yakarán] (der. of yakar) n Stile in a fence.