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sawsaw [sáwsaw] 1n Dips for food (usually a sauce into which the food is dipped prior to eating). sawsawan Kag suka ag tuyo ay sawsawan. Vinegar and soy sauce are food dips. Ahanraon nako kag sawsawan it karne. I will make a dip for the meat. [Foods used as dips are e.g. vinegar (súkà), soy sauce (túyo).] (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.) 2v To dip something into a liquid to make it soft and tasty. sawsaw Ingsawsaw nida tong mga yuma nak tinapay sa gatas para ihalo sa gulaman. She dipped the old bread in milk solution to mix it with the gelatin. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.) 3v To have illicit sexual relations with someone. (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

saysay₂ [sáysay] 1n Story. 2vbt To recount, relate a story; to tell of an event; to speak, suggest, mention. salaysay, ikikwento Asaysayon kono nida it liwat-liwat kag natabo sa ida tong gira. He said that he’ll recount again and again the things that happened to him during the war. Asaysayan nida kag ida abugado it katong ida problema. He’ll relate his problem to his lawyer. Kaling mga bisaya nak ako ingsaysay sa ibabaw ay pilang bilog yang nak ako natatanraan. These words which I mentioned above are only some of the one’s I can recall. syn: sambit, mitlang 1, uma 1, siling. der. kasaysayan

sikwat [síkwat] 11.1n To pry, dig, lever something from underneath to raise it (as of a lid off a tin, repotting plant, removing a nail, levering off attached wood). sikwat Ingsikwat nida’t martilyo kag inra sayog nak ailisan it bag-o. He pried their floor that will be replaced with a new one, with a hammer. Asikwaton nida’t suyot kag mga inogtanom nak kamatis. He’ll dig up with a trowel the tomato seedlings that’ll be replanted. 22.1vt To steal, rob. takaw Ingsikwat ni Pet tong ida soksok nak sayway sa tinrahan ni Boy. Pet stole the pants he is wearing from Boy’s store.

sinrong it kahoy [sínrong it káhoy] n Shade, shelter of a tree. lilim ng kahoy Hagto kag mga tawo nagpahuway sa sinrong it kahoy. The people rested under the shade of the tree.

sinyas [sínyas] n Signal given; gesture to indicate its time to act. Kada nagsala kag inra drama ay sala kag sinyas it inra puno. Why their drama was wrong was because the signal of their director was wrong.

sogsog [sógsog] vt To compel somebody to do something; to convince; influence; insist. solsol Ingsogsog sida it ida kaamigo nak makipag-away sa ida kaidamo. He was influenced by his friends to fight his playmate. Sogsoga sida nak perming magsimba. Convince him to always go to church. [This can pertain to positive or negative situations, but usually is associated with negative actions.]

soksok₂ [sóksok] v To insert something in a small cavity; to put, slip something underneath something. siksik Asing waya hali katong dawi ay samantalang hali yang kato nako gigsoksokan. Why is that key here it’s probably just put underneath something.

subli [súblì] 1vi 1.1n A substitute; a successor. 1.2vbt To be a substitute; to do in one’s place; to follow, succeed somebody in a position, work. Si Cristo kag nagsubli sa ato sa krus. Christ substituted for us on the cross. Asublion nako kag trabahong ya nida natapos. I’ll do in her place the work that she didn’t finish. Ingsublian nida kag ida tatay sa pagiging manogrumaya it inra negosyo. He followed his father as manager of their business. 22.1adj Taking turns; alternately. 2.2vi To take a turn at doing something; to do alternately; (as in sharing work, wearing each others clothes, always of two or more actors). Masublian kita it tsinelas isag. We’ll take turns wearing the slippers later. Nagsusublian sinra sa pagyuto. They’re taking turn in cooking.

sulunranon₃ [sulunránon] n Traditions; customs; teachings. paniwala Usay sa mga sulunranon namo ay kag pag amin sa damot it maguyang kung gab-i. One of our customs here is to kiss the hands of our parents when night comes.

sunggo [súnggò] v To bump into things as one runs. untog Nagkasunggo kag mga mananakaw paglahay sa inra it iro dahil maruyom. The thieves bumped into things as they were chased by the dog because it was dark.

syapay₁ [syápay] vbt To get stuck or caught on something, such as, a tree, fence, roof, clothesline. sabit Katong si Tang Emil ay nahuyog sa nidog sida ay nagsyapay sa mabolo ag sumunor ay sa alambre. When Tang Emil fell from the coconut tree, he got caught in a mabolo tree and then on barbwire. syn: hikog 1, sangit.

tabir [tabír] n Light drops of falling water. ambon Sa Banaag kag tubi ay halin sa tabir it busay sa itaas it kinutkutang tunggo sa ubos it makahoy nak baguntor. In Banaag the water comes from the drops that fall beside the waterfall above the holes made in the rocks below the tree covered mountain.

tagam [tagám] 11.1vt To taste something. tikim Atagman nako kag imo yuto, ha? I’ll taste what you cooked, okay? Nakatagamey baga ikaw it tapoy? Have you tasted black sticky rice yet? 22.1vt To experience something. Ya pa nako natagmi magsakay sa eroplano. I haven’t yet experienced riding in an airplane. Patagma sida it lapo agor indi sida magliwat. Give him a taste of the whip so he won’t repeat what he did.

talaytay [taláytay] vbt To walk on something raised, such as a bridge. tulay Ako ay nahahadlok magpanalaytay sa tulay nak kwadan. I am scared to walk on a bamboo bridge. syn: tulaytay, latay.

talinto [talínto] 1n Concentration; attention. Nawagit kag ida talinto sa pag-aray tong mapabarkada. He lost his attention for studying when he got involved in a peer group. 2vi To concentrate, pay attention or attend to (usually one’s work). Pag waya si nanay sa bayay, kag mga anak ay waya gitatalinto sa inra trabaho. When mother is not in the house the children do not attend to their work. der. talentado

tanga₁ [tangâ] v To look up above, at something. tingala Nakatanga ako, tama rang nahuyog kag nidog. I happened to look up just as the coconut fell down. Ingtatanga nako katong nagpapaypay sa ako sa kuyungan. I am looking up at the one waving at me from the roof.

taphaw [táphaw] 11.1adv Awkward; uncomfortable. Kataphaw giistar sa buko nimo kakilaya. It’s uncomfortable to stay with one whom you don’t know. 1.2vi To feel awkward, uncomfortable in doing something; to feel like one’s stomach is in one’s throat because of being nervous about doing something; to feel insecure of inferior in front of others. naaalangan Inataphawan ako magkanta sa simbahan. I feel inferior to sing in the church. Ingtaphawan ako magraya it uniporme. I feel awkward wearing a uniform. 22.1vi To have the feeling of falling from a height; to feel like one’s stomach is left behind. Inataphawan ako magtulaytay sa andamyo. I feel like falling when I walk on the gangplank.

tig-kabade [tig-kabadé] adj Bride’s side. Asing indi ikaw gipagto ay sa tigkabade ikaw? Why will you not go when you belong to the brides side? (sem. domains: - Related by marriage.)

tikis [tikís] 11.1v To hold back from greeting, speaking to somebody. tikis Ako ay gingtikis it ako manghor dahil sida ay nagsungon sa ako mga bisaya. I held back from greeting my younger sister because she took offense at my words. 22.1vbt To not give in to somebody. Ingtikis nida tong ida nanay sa waya pagruaw sa ida sa ospital. She did not give in to her mother by going to see her in the hospital.

tilipunan [tilipunán] 1.1n Meeting place. tagpuan Kag inra tilipunan ay sa plasa. Their meeting place is at the plaza.

tinguha [tinguhâ] vt To achieve something; to set a goal; to strive, endeavour to gain something; to woo a girl. nagsikap, nagtiyaga Atinguhaon nakong makabakay sa suyor it limang tuig it bag-ong kotse. I’ll set a goal that within five years I’ll be able to buy a new car. It kato si Nanay Leoning, usa sa ako mga tiya ay rayaga pang gingtinguha pa kag ida matam-is nak oho ni Tatang Onti nak taga-Mar-as. Back then Aunty Leoning, one of my aunts was still single and Uncle Onti from Mar-as, was still striving to win her sweet “yes”. syn: sikap.

tratar₁ [tratár] v To treat somebody in a certain way. trato Ka pagtratar ninra kay Lito ay pay sariling anak. Their treatment of Lito is like their own child.

tsanggi [tsanggî] n Stalls temporarily set up to sell goods (as in a market). tsanggi Kag ida bag-ong baro ay hagto nabakay sa tsanggi sa Quezon City. Her new dress was bought at the market stalls temporarily set up in Quezon City.

tubero [tubéro] n Plumber. Kag tubero ay sahoy sa pagpakando it gripo. The plumber is busy fixing the pipes.

tubo₃ [túbò] v To profit from something. tubo, gana Ingpatubuan pa ra katong bugas ninra ay sarili ra katong tubas. They still made a big profit in the rice anyway it’s their own harvest. (sem. domains: - Make profit.)