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punro aliba [púnro alíba] n The smallest anchor (as of the third anchor). pinakamaliit na pundo Siling it Kapitan tas-an nang punro aliba. As per Captains order you pull up the smallest anchor.

purbasyo [purbásyò] 1n Trial run; warm up play before a contest; to not count the play. nag-iinsayo Bag-o magtuna it idamo nagsiling kag usa sa inra nak “purbasyo anay”. Before beginning to play one said to the others “lets have a trial run first”. 2vi To have a trial run; to have warm play. Nagpurbasyo anay si Pedro pagkita sa ida tong magtago-tagoan, sa ida ingtataguan. When they played hide and seek, Pedro said “it’s a time out” when she was seen in his hiding.

purgaturyo [purgatúryo] n Purgatory. langit Kag siling it mga tawo pag namatay kuno kag tawo ay kag ida kalag ay mapagto sa purgatoryo. People say when a person dies his spirit goes to purgatory. [Where souls of dead people go. This is part of catholic teaching.]

puso it mais [pusô it ma-ís] (comp. of puso) n Ear, cob of corn or maize (as of one which is full of grain, kernels). [lit: ear of corn] puso ng mais Karamong puso it mais kag ida naubos it ihaw. There are lots of ears of corn which she had just finished broiling. (sem. domains: - Growing maize, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

radar [radár] n Radar. Kung waya it radar tong bapor nak inra ginsakyan sabaling nagbanggaan it katong nasapoy nak barko. If the ship which they are sailing has no radar they might bump into a ship which they meet.

rumaya, manog-rumaya (der. of raya) 1n 1.1vt To include items in a whole. dala Raya tanan kita sa ida imbitasyon. His invitation includes all of us. Raya tanan baga kag yuto nak kan-on ag suyâ? What’s cooked includes cooked rice and the accompanying dish doesn’t it? Buko raya tanan kag suyâ sa kan-on. The accompanying dish doesn’t include cooked rice. Buko raya tanan kag ida ingbadaran it ticket. She didn’t pay for all. Raya kag badar sa iwag it inro plite diling bayay. Your rent for this house includes the payment for the lights. Aray-on sa plite it bapor kag pagkaon. Food is included in the boat fare. 2n Leader; person in charge.

rumbo₁ [rúmbo] n Direction; purpose , destination. direksyon Waya it rumbo kag inra pagpasalida it baruto. There’s no direction in their sailing of the boat. (sem. domains: 8.5.2 - Direction, - Move forward.) comp. karamo kag ingkakahadlukang mga harang nak ato makita sa ato pagpanaw, pag ipaling nato kag ato pagmuyat sa rumbuhan

sarili₁ [saríli] 1pro Self; himself; yourselves etc (as of the reflexive pronoun). sarili Asing siday nagbibisaya sa ida sarili? Why is she talking to herself? 2adj Own (possession). saríli Kali ay ako sariling prohekto. This is my own project. comp. bahalaey sinra sa inra sariling kabuhi , comp. di sariling mundo , comp. hardin it sariling rila , comp. ibutang sa sarili , comp. maayam magraya it sarili

siruho [sirúho] v To fill in space with cut, small pieces of building materials. tagpi Nagsisiruho sida it kisame. He filled the space in the ceiling with cut pieces of wood.

sisi₁ [sísi] vt To repent; to blame. magsísi Nagsisi ra sida tong huli. He repented later. Buko ako’t asisihon kung mamatay sida nak siling nako nak dapat sidang aray-on sa ospital. I won’t be blamed if he dies because I said he should be taken to the hospital.

tabo₂ [tabô] n Vegetable species; gourd (as of a long hanging vegetable that grows on a vine). úpo Kag bunga it tabo ay nagbibiling sa paya-paya. The fruit of the gourd is hanging on the trellis. [The flesh is white and soft. It is boiled and seasoned or used in stews. It is a good source of iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B. While still green the vegetable is prepared as a syrup and employed as a medicine for respiratory problems.] Lagenaria Leucantha (sem. domains: - Food from vegetables, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

tan-a₁ [tán-a] 11.1part Would have but didn’t; was supposed to do something but didn’t (as of contrafactual or hypothetical relationsand a thwarted plan); would have....; should have... sana Nag-abot tan-a si Neysa itahapon. Neysa was supposed to arrive yesterday. Ikaw tan-a kag amo impili nak lider. You would have been our choice for leader. Nagpali tan-a ako pero ay nag-uyan. I would have come but it rained. Kung waya giuyan nagpali tan-a ako. If it hadn’t rained I would have come. Nabakay nida katong baro tan-a kung waya ka giabot ag nagsiling nak mahay. That dress was the one she would have bought if you hadn’t arrived and said it was expensive. Kung tan-a ay nag-uyan natanom kag payay. If it would have rained the rice would have been planted. Mapa-Manila tan-a ako ugaling waya ako’t kanunot. I would have gone to Manila but I didn’t have a companion. 22.1part Think; might (as of a polite softener when complaining). Inggwa tan-a ako it ireklamo. I think I have a complaint to make.

tapwak [tápwak] vbt To break over, onto something specifically of waves. Natapwakan it bayor kag barko kada nagkiling. The waves was able break over the ship so it tilted to one side.

tigson [tígson] adj Strong; healthy specifically of living things (as of plants, people). malusog Kag mga lapsag nak nagsususo it sariling gatas it nanay ay matigson. Babies who are breast fed are healthy and strong. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.)

tiko₂ [tikô] 1v To bend a joint. Crooked, bent thing. nabali Siling it tong manoghilot ay tikoa baga kag imo braso kung maadoy. The masseur said you bend your joint if your arm is well. (sem. domains: 7.1.8 - Bend down.) 2n Dishonest untrustworthy person. (sem. domains: - Dishonest.)

timbri₂ [tímbri] 11.1n The seal; stamp; thumbprint (as identification or signature). 1.2vbt To stamp with a seal or official mark; to place one’s thumbprint as signature. timbre Ingtimbrihan sa opisina’t Mayor kag ako sertipika it pag-anak. My birth certificate was stamped with a seal at the Mayor’s office. Atimbrihan nida kag balota. He’ll place his thumb mark on the ballot. 22.1vt To press something small with one’s finger, thumb (as of a doorbell, switch, calculator). timbre Pag-abot nimo sa hagran ay magtimbri yang ikaw para mabuksan. When you get to the gate just press the door-bell button so they’ll open it. Ingtimbri nida kag nagkikililing sa inra hagranan. He pressed the doorbell. syn: pindot.

tratar₁ [tratár] v To treat somebody in a certain way. trato Ka pagtratar ninra kay Lito ay pay sariling anak. Their treatment of Lito is like their own child.

tuyar [tuyár] (irreg. infl. tyar) 11.1adv Like; similar to (as of comparisons of equality). kagaya Sida ay tuyar nako it taas. She is like me in height. Tuyar sa uyan ka ida yuha. Her tears fell like rain. Tuyar kali ka ako baro. My dress is like this. syn: pareho, hawig, ambit 1, tugma, parehas 1. (sem. domains: - And, also, - Evaluator, - Combinative relation.) 22.1vbt To imitate, copy something; to mimic. ganitó, ganiyán,gayahin Patuyari ako siling ni Pablo. Imitate me said Paul. Aya gipatuyari kag ako bisaya. Don’t mimic how I speak. Apatuyaron nako kag tabas it ako baro sa imo. I will copy the style of my dress from yours. der. patuyaran

ukba [ukbá] v To have edges chip (as of wood). natatanggal Nag-ukba tong kisame it bayay dahil natutuyuan kung nag-uuyan. The edges of the ceiling in the house chipped because the rain dripped it.

utoy₂ [útoy] 1sta To be cut off; to be broken off. Nautoy kag ida sumbiling. His spear was cut off. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.) 2vbt To cut something off; to break off. magsibák Ingpautoy nako tong mga sangga it ipil-ipil nak nagruruot sa bubong. I had those branches of the ipil-ipil tree cut off which were touching the roof.

wangis₂ [wángis] 11.1adj Same appearance; look like somebody (as of a person). kamukha Kag ida anak ay kawangis it ida Tatay sa tanang parti it ida kabuhi. Their child looks like his father in all areas of his life. 22.1n Same nature, ways as God. Kag tawo ay gingtuga it Diyos sa ida sariling wangis. God made man to show His own nature.

waya akot salabton [wayâ ako't salábton] idiom - Convert to subentry Iam innocent, I can’t be blamed; I’m not accountable. Waya ako’t salabton kung mawagit man kag inra mga gamit dahil akoey ra gingsiling sinrang taguan. I can’t be blamed when their things be lost because I have already told them beforehand.

wilwil [wílwil] vi To shake (as of fat under one’s arms). Ingpapawilwil ni David kag suso ni Nang Miling dahil wayaey it mabaoy nak gatas. David shook Nang Miling’s breasts because he couldn’t suck milk on them.

yasog nimo [yásog nímo] expression - Convert to subentry An expression meaning “your testicles” and said to naughty or noisey child to make them be quiet. bayag mo Yasog nimo, siling it usang anak sa kapwa nida anak. “Your testicles” said the child to the other child.