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antuliow 1n Black and bright yellow bird, similar to oriole. 2adj a bright yellow [As a color, it seems to range from bright yellow to a bright green, such as chartreuse.]

bangkalow 1n A hoop, such as a rattan one which is thrown or a plastic one which is put around the waist to twirl. Ka bangkalow, balagon no oglangkungon to ogmalibusonon, no igbangkalow to pogliid no ogsabo-on to ogpilak ka ogli-ag no mgo batò. A hoop is [made of] rattan which is wound in and out into a circle which is tossed to roll and is caught with a thrust of [of a stick] as the children play. 2v To throw a hoop so that it rolls. Koddì ka ogbangkalow to sikan no balagon no nalangkung. I’ll be the one to roll the hoop of coiled rattan. [This is a game where one person throws a hoop so that it rolls. Another person tries to catch it with a stick through the center. If he fails, he will be the one to throw it next.] 3v To roll as a hoop which is tossed 4n A kind of sugarcane with a grey, hard outside layer [There is a another kind called bakalawan to ubal “hoop of the monkey” which is a hard sugarcane and can only be chewed if the hard surface is shaved off.] 5v The run or walk of a lizard. ??

galan v power ?? [DB said this term was used by the older people but isn't known by the younger ones]

ganò v 1Pack to go. 2To engage in necromancy, commune with the spirits of the dead. 3One who engages in necromancy. [Fasts and predicts when people will ascend; claimed he will be god when he dies and ascends] see: bailan. 4Go into a trance ??

habot n Material such used for baby swing or cradle. [The material is made specifically for the baby's swing/cradle but may also used as a logdak wrap around skirt.]

hugyup n 1A kind of fiber from a palm tree (like kapok fiber) used in starting fire. see: bonut. 2

hukung ??? [When someone is killed or dies, everyone else in the village goes down to the nearest river junction and builds lean-tos there. They set up pretend hearths, and camp on the beach for two days, pretending to cook there, but in reality going back and forth to the village to cook. This is done in order to deceive the evil spirits into dwelling by the beach hearths.]

iakan 1??? [(Same as talabubung🙂 spirit that lives on top of Salangon Mt. beyond Kapalong. Chooses two couples at a time to precede others in ascending to heaven-evidently th one who takes people to heaven. Called upon for protection, receives sacrifices] 2Kuglung tune.

Ibul ??? [One of three original Ata brothers (see Banlak, Boyboy); god of the souls of the dead within the depth of the earth.]

igù v 1?? [When something fell and grazed against my leg they said no-igù.] 2To forgive ??

ilis ?? see fr.: parong 6.