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galan v power ?? [DB said this term was used by the older people but isn't known by the younger ones]

ganò v 1Pack to go. 2To engage in necromancy, commune with the spirits of the dead. 3One who engages in necromancy. [Fasts and predicts when people will ascend; claimed he will be god when he dies and ascends] see: bailan. 4Go into a trance ??

hukung ??? [When someone is killed or dies, everyone else in the village goes down to the nearest river junction and builds lean-tos there. They set up pretend hearths, and camp on the beach for two days, pretending to cook there, but in reality going back and forth to the village to cook. This is done in order to deceive the evil spirits into dwelling by the beach hearths.]

iakan 1??? [(Same as talabubung🙂 spirit that lives on top of Salangon Mt. beyond Kapalong. Chooses two couples at a time to precede others in ascending to heaven-evidently th one who takes people to heaven. Called upon for protection, receives sacrifices] 2Kuglung tune.

Ibul ??? [One of three original Ata brothers (see Banlak, Boyboy); god of the souls of the dead within the depth of the earth.]

lumayang n Kind of snake said to be poisonous. [It has dark reddish-brown skin on top including its tail without any distinct pattern. Its belly is a light green.]

higad ??? [Example as in Atukan ‘riddle’ where dalaga or balobatò substitutes for same object (also other uses).]

kulung 1v To enclose. 2v To put something inside a cage, pen or larger fensed enclosure. 3n A cage; pen. [Such as a cage for a chicken or a larger pen for a monkey, pig or other animal. (Larger enclosures would be ogka-alaran “fenced”.)] 4n Braise noisemaker with rollers inside, worn on the finger when dancing.???
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