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sabandal 1n A person who lacks good manners. Ka [sabandal, ian] igngaran to otow no warò batasan. Pangagikagi rò du-on to konò no maroyow. A person who is uncouth acts inappropriately is what a person is called who doesn’t have [good] manners. He just chatters [things] which arent good. [DB says this describes a person who is undisciplined and who just chatters about things that aren't good.] 2v To speak or act inappropriately and/or disrespectfully. Konò ka ogsasabandal diò to songo baloy. Don't act inappropriately over at someone's house. [DB says a person who does this scolds those who are around him, takes things without asking and just acts inappropriately or disrespectfully such as one who helps himself to food without asking. However, it is customary at a death feast to help oneself to food withiout asking since evil spirits are assumed to be present. ] see fr.: abusu.