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gamut n 1Poison used to harm or kill an enemy. Ka gamut, agad nokoy ka ogpokohilu, unawa to tayuran [commucial poison.] Ka duma, ogkagamut ka ighilu to ambow. As for poison, whatever is able to poison such as tayuran [a commercial poison]. As for other, rat poison can poison [an enemy]. [This poison may be an actual poison or something which someone has performed using witchcraft. An attack by bees or a severely dehabilitating illness with a sudden onset such as cholera may be suspected to be due to witchcraft. A cure or an antidote will be sought. If a person suddenly dies of illness after visiting another village, witchcraft may be assumed and a revenge killing may follow. ] ant: tokas; ant: alang 1; osyn: hilu. 2Hex, as a sickness or death brought on by use of a fetish or witchcraft. Ka gamut, ogsabukan ki oyow maga-an ki ogkamatoy. As for a hex it is placed on us so that we will quickly die. Gamutan ki. We’ll be poisoned/hexed. see fr.: busung 1.

arab 1n A kind of curved knife, or bolo. Ka arab, marulag igkakamot su ogsinsinikoton dò to oghiipanow, panagana ko du-on usig. The arab knife is rarely used to cut a field because it is just strapped at the waist and worn when one travels, in case (lit. preparation if) there would be an enemy. [which has triangular shaped blade at the apex at about a 45 degree angle. Sometimes only the bottom edge is sharpened but all edges may be sharpened. It is about 2-3 inches wide and 15-20 inches long.] 2v to sharpen one or both sides of a piece of bamboo. Ko og-abat ki to bulu, og-araban ta su oghimuon ta no sinombung. When we cut down bamboo, we sharpen it because we will make into a bamboo spear. [Thought used primarily of sharpening an edge of bamboo, the same word and procedure could be done to certain kinds of hard wood but more rarely as most wood is not suitable. DB said it would not apply to sharpening metal.] see: mo-irob.

lalow 1v To become alienated to such an extent that the persons involved will not speak to each other. They also pronounce curses on each other if they should ever see each other again. Ka oglalalow, ogsasapot no konad ogpa-al-alukuyoy. Ogpo-us-usigoy kandan. The persons are alienated lalalow, when [someone] vows that they no longer converse. They become enemies to each other. Ka otow no oglalow to duma rin, ogpangusig sikandin. A person who becomes alienated from his companion becomes an enemy. [The belief is that if such people do happen to see each other and converse it will result in someone dying such as the children of a divorced couple. To remove that threat, gifts from each offended parties much be exchanged before the alienated persons attempt to converse.] 2v [Too fast, as when someone dies or is divorced.] ?? 3To abstain from working for a day, or to prevent others from singing or playing instruments because of being in mourning.]??