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tu-on 1v To point out someone or something. Du-on otow no nigkita to patiukan no ogtu-onon din ka duma rin. Someone (lit There was a person who) saw honey bees and he pointed them out to his companion. Ka otow, ogtu-on to ogtinurù to so-oyò to nigkulugmutan to sugpang to balitì ka nigkapot no patiukan. A person points out by pointing a finger that there in the mass of twisted vines on the of the branch is where the bees have adhered. Ka anggam ku, nigpatu-on ko hondo-i ogkamot. My uncle had [me] point out where to cut. Nigtu-on ku sikandin to ogkamotan din no latì. I showed him a portion of secondary forest which to cut. Ian ingkatu-on si Hisus. The one being pointed out [by the word ian] is Jesus. Og-insò ko, “Hondo-i ka ko-onan kai?” No ogtu-onan ta to, “Diò to limang ka ko-onanan.” Someone will ask, “Where is the eating place here?” And then we will point it out [saying], “The eating place is on the other side.” see fr.: batuk 3; see fr.: katu-onan. 2v To refer to something. Konò iglituk to kulang ka goinawa, igtu-on to ogmasakit lagboy ka goinawa to songo otow. [The expression] doesn't mean that one's love (lit breath) is lacking, it refers to [the fact that] a someone feels very sad (lit the breath of some person hurts very much). Ka sikan, ogkatu-on to ogkalasikalasi no ngalap. As for that, it refers to different kinds of fish. 3adj Successful, beautiful, large, well-built. 4v (Not) nice looking. Wà natu-oni no boi. She isn’t a nice-looking woman. 5deriv n A little known remedy. Ko du-on ogkagatan to ulod, songo du-on katu-onan no igbulung to ogkakagat to ulod. Ian oghingaranan no katu-onan su manalingboka no otow ka ogkataga to sikan no tambal. If someone is bitten by a snake, there is also a little known remedy which is used as a treatment for the snake bite. It is called little known because only a few people know about that medicine. [such as a herb, vine, etc. used to promote health] 6v To point out something with the finger. Igpanu-on ta angkuan ka manuk. We’ll point out the chickens to her later on.