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hasò 1v To scrape, grate or shred. Ka alik-ik no ogkagamit ko du-on oghasò to agoloy no mangulod no ian igbaakì... The kind of alik-ik leaf which can be used is when someone grates fresh corn which is used to make steamed [corn] bread... ...songo ogkuò ki to oghaso-on no agoloy no ogbaki-on woy ko oglugawon; songo maroyow. ...also we will get corn to grate for making steamed corn bread or for gruel; [which are] equally good. [such as corn or coconut which may be grated with a thorn or home made grater made of tin in which sharp-edged holes have been made with a nail. (One can hasò a coconut but cannot use a karuran grater on corn because the grains would just come off the cob.)] see fr.: kagud 2. 2deriv n A grater.