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alang-alang 1adv Incomplete, as grains on a stalk. Alang-alang pad ka pogkohinug din. The ripening process is still incomplete. [DB says the grains are about halfway down the stalk.] 1.1adj To be lacking. Alang-alang to tatou. It lacks three. 2v To cause someone to be short changed. Pa-alang-alang ogpurut to ayam ku no warò din ilibong kanak. He caused [me] to be short changed [by] taking my domesticated animals and then not returning them to me (lit. then he did not return them to me). [Culturally, it is permissible to borrow a younger relative’s animal to use as a brideprice for one’s daughter or female relative. However, it is expected that when the younger relative will be married, the older one who used his animal will be responsible for providing an animal as a replacement for the former owner’s brideprice. Not to do so results in the relative being short changed, or cheated as in the following example.] 2.1v To be shortchanged or cheated. Ian kid ogpa-alang-alangan ka nig-orok. We who were the ones who sowed are the ones who were cheated [because we didn't get to harvest]. [The custom is that those who sow are not paid but will be chosen later to help harvest because they will receive a portion of the harvest which is also their payment for sowing. If non-sowers are selected to harvest, the group who sowed are cheated of their anticipated payment.]