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badbad 1v Unfurl, untie, translate; unravel. see fr.: hokad 1. 2deriv n Thread, ravelling. 3deriv n Kind of tree. [The form of this word appears verbal but it is said to be the name of a tree.] 4n Unfurled leaf. [Such as an unfurled leaf of banana, palm frond (coconut or other palms) but not including the ferns. (Ferns uncurl but do not unfold.)]

pogul 1n A kind of tree. Ka pogul no kayu, konò ogkasilaban ko duon kamot ta no moon-ing [ka] mgo pogul As for the pogul tree/wood,. it doesn't burn if there is a field with many pogul trees. [This tree is said not to burn when the field is burned. The wood used in rice charm.] 2n A lazy person. 3deriv n A characteristically lazy person. 4deriv n An exceedingly lazy person. 5adj To be lazy Ka otow no pogul, konò ogko-iniat to ogtalabau sikandin. Ka otow no pogpogulon, konò ki ogpakasugù kandin. As for the lazy person, he does not want to work. [As for] the person who is exceedingly lazy, we cannot order him [to do anything]. 6v To feel weary, unambitious. Ka otow no konò ogko-ibog ka ogko-on, ogkapogul no ogtalabau su wà dayagang. The person who doesn't have an appetite (lit.isn't hungry to eat), will feel unambitious to work because he has no energy. Konò a oghondiò su ogkapogul a. I won't go because I feel weary. [There is a fine area of meaning between feeling weary or unenergetic or being lazy. To some extent these meanings tend to overlap or be context sensitive in the non-intentive mode. However, the non-intentive form of the word is seen as different from pogolon which describes laziness as a characteristic of a person.] 7vs Not to feel like doing something. Ogbanbanayan ki oghimata su ogkapogul to og-onow. We are slow/procrastinate about ?? waing up (lit. open our eyes) because we don't feel like getting up. Woy ogkapogul kandin ko du-on igsugù. Woy ogmanokal ko du-on ogli-ag. He doesn't feel unambitious unless he has something he is ordered to do. He isn't strong unless he has something/someone to play with. 8n To be lazy. 9deriv n A lazy person.