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batuk 1v To find, discover. Inat konò ogpakabatuk. It's as if one cannot discover [the meaning]. Warò ki pad makabatuk to maroyow no dalan. We had not yet discovered the good path. Iglobong diò to tanò to daruwa no allow ka pogbatuk to sikan no agkud. [The mixture] is buried in the ground for two days [before]] finding [it to have become] the agkud delicacy. see fr.: tugul 3; see fr.: kita 2; see fr.: tolom 3. 2v To be effective. Ko nokoy no tambal no ogpakabatuk to masakit, ian ka ma-agbot no tambal. Whatever medicine is effective against an illness, that is strong medicine. 3v To identify, such as to narrow down to the one person whom one would marry. Ko konò ogkahalin ka goinawa nu diò to duma no boi, no ian nu ogbatukon ka sikan no boi no nasabutan nu. If your love (lit. breath) does not change to another girl, then you have identified the girl with whom you had an agreement [to be the one whom you would marry]. [The sense here seems to be that one's search is narrowed down to this one person so that one knows she is the one he is looking for.] see: tu-on 1. 4v To locate, or go to a specific place for a specific purpose. Ka kunto-on no tipouri no mgo otow, du-on batasan to du-on on indosanan no kasilyas no du-on dò ogbatuk ka og-indos. As for the present-day people who have come later (lit. last), there is a custom to have an outhouse for defecating and so that is [the only] place people will go to to defecate. [The following seems to mean that in contrast to the past when people defecated anywhere, now people go to only that specific location which has been made for that purpose.] 5v To find or locate Ko oglapas ki, ko konò ki ogpakabatuk to mababow su mabolbol ka woig, ogka-alus ki diò to maralom. If we cross [a river], if we cannot locate a shallow area because the water is swift, we will be carried away by the current to a deep area. 6v To get at, or be effective against, as an illness. Ko nokoy no tambal no ogpakabatuk to masakit, ian ka ma-agbot no tambal. Whatever the medicine is which gets at the illness, that is efficatious (lit. strong) medicine. see: tu-on ??. 7v To be passed down, as some characteristic or authority which is recognized in someone's descendant Sikan ka oghingaranan noy no batuk to anak. Ka katondanan ni Dabid, nigbatuk ki Husi. No ka katondanan ni Husi, nigbatuk man dò diò ki Hisus. That is [what] we call passed down to an offspring. The authority of David, it is passed down to Joseph. And the authority of Joseph, it is then passed down to/found in in Jesus. 8v to find to be [or to have become] something Iglobong diò to tanò to daruwa no allow ka pogbatuk to sikan no agkud. That which found to be agkud is buried in the ground for two days. [In the following example, the it takes two days for the mixture of ingredients to change into the food item called akud.] 9Retrieve food once cached away. 10Return. 11v find out, reveal 12Kabatukon ku so-i komos. ???

ipi 1adj Narrow, small in area. 2v To short-change someone Nig-ipian din ka duma rin to sikan no salapì no warò tonga-a to pogba-ad. Nig-alakansi rin woy nigdo-isok din ka duma rin. He short-changed his companion of that money and did not [give] him half of the payment. He cheated him and belittled his companion. [This seems to have a dual meaning of cheating a person and also belittling them in the process. The following example pertains to two of a house that was sold for twenty thousand pesos, but the one holding the money only gave five thousand of that to his companion.]

pipi 1v To be squashed, as of ripe fruit that become flattened. Ko ogkadi-okan ka bogas to kapayas no nohinug, ogkapipi. If we step on the ripe fruit of the papaya, it will be squashed. Ongsig ka rò diò su ogkapipi ad. Move over because I am getting squashed. [as of a soft fruit that is flattened but also of people who are pressing against each other so that one feels like one is being crushed. (This would also apply to a crowd which tramples someone underfoot so he dies.)] 2To deliberately squash, or flatten as a can. [such as by stepping or sitting on, or pressing down on. Contrasts with tusak in which an instrument would be used to mash.] 3To press against each other. Mapipioy su malig-ot. They were being crushed [against each other] because it was a narrow place. [This seems to be an extended meaning as it is said in fun.] see: pokogsonsonoy. 4New rice that’s fried raw.?? [DB says the undried rice will flatten. It is sometimes fried to dry it but not all becomes dry.]

tombil v 1To add on, as material to the edge of a garment. Ogtombilan ku so-i logdak ku. I’m adding to my skirt. [The word tombil is to add onto.(The word tupak applies to a patch which covers a hole or tear on the inner portion of a garment.) DB says these are different.] see: sumpul. 2To add onto, as a house, or steps. Ka kalatkat du-on, nigtombilan su malig-ot ka an-anayan. The steps there, they were extended because they were narrow at first.