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su-an 1n A digging stick. [A su-an can also be used as a lever to move an obect. However, the action of the su-an is to move a object by degrees. This contrasts with the action of alik which is used to lift. In the case of a su-an being used to lift, there seems to be some overlap of function.] 2n A sharpened stake which is used as a lever. Ogpakasaad ka sikan no kayu no su-an no ian a-alikoy. The [piece of] wood which is a lever, that is the thing used for leverage is put beneath [the log which one intends to move]. see: alik 1. 3v To dig by poking a stick at the ground.?? [DB says what you do in the ground with a su-an is bagdak because the verbal form means to move with a lever. In recent times, a su-an is sometimes made of steel for digging a canal or post hole, or a hole for an outhouse or throwing away garbage.]