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sangì v 1To do something alone, by oneself. 2Sangì ki oghipanow. We’ll go by ourselves. 3to be different, or from a different source [such as an avocado which is of a different tree, or twins that are not be the same sex; DB once asked me if it was bad if one had twins if the twins were nokogsangì, that is if they were boy and girl and not of the same sex. He indicated that it was considered bad, or bad luck if they were not the same sex. Taganay gave the example of avocados which are not from the same tree. From conversation in Mbgo with DB re twins before his wife had twins of a different sex.] 4All kinds, an assortment. [Twins which are of a different sex are nokogsangit. However, when a peson alternately gives birth to children of the opposite sex, they are said to be nokogsangi-sang`i.] 5?? Pokogsangsangi-a nu. Take an assortment. [DB says if the beads are alternating in color in the same string they are batokbatokon not nokogsangì. But if there is one string of white beads and another string of blue beads, they are nokogsangì.]