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alang 1n A ritual performed to remove a charm, spell or hex. Ka so-ini no alang to taloy-u, igtubad to mgo busow. This ritual to remove a charm, it is [performed by] sacrificing to the spirits. ant: gamut 1; spec: kunakun. 1.1v That which is used as a means of treatment to remove a spell, charm or hex. Du-on ogtutungon dan no ig-alang ka ig-awò to sikan no taloy-u. There is something which they burn as a means of treatment to remove that love charm. [If a man has used a charm to cause a woman to fall in love with him, he will later use something to treat her to remove the love charm so that she will be freed from lust and able focus on her husband and family. However, with that release she may then react negatively and hate her husband for having used the charm to force her into this now unwanted relationship.] 1.2v For someone to be released from the effects of a charm by use of a ritual. Ko og-alangan din on to taloy-u ka asawa rin, ogmaro-ot on ka goinawa to boi to sikan no lukos su napogos ka goinawa rin to na-asawa sikandin. When his wife (lit. spouse) has been released from the charm by means of a ritual, the woman's attitude toward that man will become bad because her love (lit. breath) had been forced when she was married [to him]. 1.3v To have someone perform a ritual to remove the effects of a charm or a spell which has been cast by using witchcraft. Pa-alang ka su gamut so-ini no goramon nu. Have someone treat you because this ailment is [from] witchcraft. 2n A treatment such as that used to kill insects which damage a crop. Ka alang to mgo pinamula, warò nigligkat to igtubad. The treatment for a field does not come from a prayer/sacrifice [to the spirits]. [Although both uses of alang have to do with treatment, they are interpreted by some to be different in that the ritual to remove the effects of a charm involves invoking the supernatural, whereas treating a crop involves the burning of any of various kinds of wood or vines which produce toxic smoke which kills insects which are damag crops such as corn. The insects die and are eagerly eaten by the birds.] spec: kunakun, gisois, banga; see: bulung 1. 2.1v That which is used as a means of treating something, such as a crop 2.1.1n Something used for a treatment such as a kind of wood or vine. Ka ig-alang noy, mgo kayu, banga, anohow, pangamoton, mgo bunal no ian ka mgo a-alangoy to mgo pinamula. That which we use to treat [crops] are plants, banga palm, fan palm, plants of the field, vines which are the treatments of plants.

bundal v 1To deliberately ram into something such as another vehicle. 2To ram into something whether moving frontwards or backwards, such as another vehicle or into a cliff with a raft. Ka otow no ogpalawod to gakit din ka ogtuwal, ogbantayan din oyow konò ogpakabundal ka lobut to gakit to dalama, oyow konò ogkabalikid. A person who travels with the current as he goes downriver by raft, he will be watching out so that the front part (lit. base) will not get rammed into a cliff so that it won't be capsized. [It is the lobut “base” of the raft which heads the raft as it goes downriver, not the u-ud “tip” because it is the base of the bamboo that is strongest and is heeaded downstream..]]

gakit 1n Raft. [May be made of wood or bamboo.] spec: gantung. 2v Make a raft.

gamut n 1Poison used to harm or kill an enemy. Ka gamut, agad nokoy ka ogpokohilu, unawa to tayuran [commucial poison.] Ka duma, ogkagamut ka ighilu to ambow. As for poison, whatever is able to poison such as tayuran [a commercial poison]. As for other, rat poison can poison [an enemy]. [This poison may be an actual poison or something which someone has performed using witchcraft. An attack by bees or a severely dehabilitating illness with a sudden onset such as cholera may be suspected to be due to witchcraft. A cure or an antidote will be sought. If a person suddenly dies of illness after visiting another village, witchcraft may be assumed and a revenge killing may follow. ] ant: tokas; ant: alang 1; osyn: hilu. 2Hex, as a sickness or death brought on by use of a fetish or witchcraft. Ka gamut, ogsabukan ki oyow maga-an ki ogkamatoy. As for a hex it is placed on us so that we will quickly die. Gamutan ki. We’ll be poisoned/hexed. see fr.: busung 1.

tulud 1v To take hold of and push. Tulud nu ka gakit. Push the raft. Ka gakit, nakagakap diò to pantad no ogtulud ta diò to woig. [The form tulud refers to pushing it somewhere. The form ogpanulud would refer to helping someone with something, such as a raft, to deliver it to someplace.] osyn: usung 1. 2v To accompany or deliver something partway, short of its ultimate destination [Such as for someone to assist another in taking a raft to its destination when person taking it is unable to manage on his own.] 3(mt.) To push something toward someone. 4v To deliver something, such as a raft.