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ana-ana 1vs To be rushed. Ogka-ana-ana ko ogga-ani oyow maga-an ogkaponga. Those who are harvesting are being rushed so that [the harvesting] will soon be finished. [TA comment was that if it took Titus 10 years to do a task one would not use the completive particle on because the work would be on-going.; The owner of a field may feel rushed or pressured due to being worried that it might rain and the harvest be ruined. His concern also puts pressure on the harvesters to hurry.] see fr.: ga-an 2.1; see: dagusu 1; see fr.: ga-an 2. 2v To be pressured to hurry. Ogka-ana-ana ki to igbuyag ta to oyow maga-an on ogkapongoi ka talabawon ta. We are being pressured by our leader to hurry so that our work will be finished soon. see: paragas.