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lapas 1v To cross, as a river or road Ko oglapas ki diò to doipag to woig, ogka-alus ki ko mabolbol ka woig to pog-apot ta. If we cross to the opposite side of the river (lit. water), we will be carried away by the current if the water is swift as we wade through it. [This can be by foot or raft.] osyn: talipag 1; see: talipag 1. 2v To lose all of one’s offspring, which is bad luck if it happens to a hen. Ko du-on upa no ogkalapasan to anak, pamalii no og-iawan to duma no otow. If a hen loses all [her] offspring, it is bad luck and other people will butcher it. [If this happens to a hen, the hen will be butchered and eaten. Nothing is done if a person loses all of one's offspring but they believe that Maro-ot ka kulis din. “[Her fate is bad.”] 3To lose all of one’s offspring pamalii for a hen.