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antog 1v To purposely disturb or jostle something or someone. Ogtu-uran ta to og-antog to duma ta su ogko-on kid on; ogpukawon ta. We purposely disturb our companion because we will eat now; we awaken him/her. [such as when wanting to awaken someone] see fr.: dugnal 1. 2vs To be jostled. Ko ligad ki no ogkakois ta ka lamisaan, ogka-antog su nawo-il. If we brush against the table as we pass, it is jostled because it moved. 2.1vs To be disturbed as by a touch, a noise or a movement. Ko ogkoirogò ki to mo-ugtu no du-on ogkakagi, ogka-antog ki no ogkapukawan ki. Ka doromdom ta ka na-antog. If we sleep at noon and there are those who are talking, we will be disturbed and we will be awakened. It is our thinking which was disturbed. Na-antog ka lapinid to nabus-ugan to woig no pigsogod si Elena. The wasps were disturbed by having water poured on them and then Elena was stung. 3v To jog someone's memory; remind. Ko du-on utang to duma ta no konò ogbayad, og-antogan ta to og-insò. If one of our companions has a debt which [he/she] doesn't pay, we jog his/her memory by asking. Magi-insò ka igbogoy ku no babuy kaniu, ig-antog ku to doromdom nu ko kalingawan nu ka kanak? The pig which I am giving to you is being used to open the door to inquiry to jog your memory (lit. thinking) if you have forgotten that which is mine [that is, an unpaid debt for help with a bride price]? [such as when a debt has not been paid.] 4adj To disturb someone emotionally. Na-antog ka goinawa rin to bayungbayung dò kandin. Natokow ki su warò ki no-inso-i. His emotions (lit breath) were disturbed by those were were just making [false] accusations. We were taken by surprise because we had not been asked [about it]. [that is, to have negative emotions triggered by some incident]

kuò 1n Whatchamacallit. [Expression is used anytime one cannot think of what he/she wanted to say, or the name of a person. It is also often used by children to end an argument saying, “Kuò!” as if to imply there is something else to say but he just isn’t saying it.] see fr.: pakakuò; see fr.: abin 2. 2n Thing. Kuò ku sikan. Those things are mine. 3n Something. Kagi ni Ogmad kuò kanak... Ogmad said to me... 4v To get. Ka inagkud, ogkuò kid to agoloy, to homoy woy ko du-on pad duma no ogpogsolugsolugon to ogpokog-amut. To make] inagkud, we get corn, rice or some other [ingredient]s which are mixed together. 4.1v Take for oneself. 5v Receive. Warò nakuò now? You didn’t receive anything? see: purut 1. 6v 7adj Hospitable. Ogkagi ka magaliug to, "Makuò no otow su maga-an ki ogkasagman ka magaliug." He is a hospitable person because he is quick to wait on us guests. 7.1adj To treat well, be kind. Ko du-on ogkatagbu ta diò to dalan no ogsinogow ka batò, no ogbuligan ta to og-imu-imù, sikan ka makuò ki to batò. If we meet someone along the trail and [their] child is crying and we help comfort [him] that [is an example] of our having kind a child well.DB 26/Jun/2009 8To disturb Pitow ka -- ogkaku-an ka magaliug Look out -- he guests will be disturbed. 8.1v Excuse me. Ogkaku-an ka su ogbaya-a." Excuse me (lit. you may be disturbed) because I am passing by. [The literal translation of the expression is in both examples below is basically the same. However, the first is a warning that someone will be disturbed by the children’s noise, whereas the the intent of second statement is roughly equivalent of “excuse me” as one is alerting a guest that by passing they may be disturbed.] 8.2v To have disturbed [others] "Maniò to maku-an ka to magaliug?" Said as a rebuke to noisy children: “Why have you disturbed the guests?" 9v To inadvertantly offend someone. Du-on otow no makakuò to duma rin, no ogpakakagi to igmasakit to goinawa rin. There was someone who inadvertently hurt the feelings of his companion and said something that made him feel bad 10v To be offended or have ones feelisng hurt as bysomething said by someone else. Usì, konò ka ogkakuo-kuò su warò ku tu-uri ka nigkagi a to igmasakit to goinawa nu. Friend, don’t be offended ou because I didn't intend to hurt your feelings.