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bangkalow 1n A hoop, such as a rattan one which is thrown or a plastic one which is put around the waist to twirl. Ka bangkalow, balagon no oglangkungon to ogmalibusonon, no igbangkalow to pogliid no ogsabo-on to ogpilak ka ogli-ag no mgo batò. A hoop is [made of] rattan which is wound in and out into a circle which is tossed to roll and is caught with a thrust of [of a stick] as the children play. 2v To throw a hoop so that it rolls. Koddì ka ogbangkalow to sikan no balagon no nalangkung. I’ll be the one to roll the hoop of coiled rattan. [This is a game where one person throws a hoop so that it rolls. Another person tries to catch it with a stick through the center. If he fails, he will be the one to throw it next.] 3v To roll as a hoop which is tossed 4n A kind of sugarcane with a grey, hard outside layer [There is a another kind called bakalawan to ubal “hoop of the monkey” which is a hard sugarcane and can only be chewed if the hard surface is shaved off.] 5v The run or walk of a lizard. ??