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awon 1n White bird similar to a cedar waxwing. 2v To reciprocate in work as a group. Ko sampulu no mgo boi ka oghilamon to homoy ran, ogman-a-awon sikandan to oghilamon. If ten women are weeding their rice, they work together as a group as they weed. [Two or more persons will work as a group in one person's field then move on to the next until all the fields of the group have been finished. Beginning from cutting until the crop is finally harvested, the same group stays together. If someone becomes ill they seek a magalawa rin substitute to work in his/her place.] see fr.: ganti 1.

pakpak 1n Wing. Pabu, gansa, patuk, itik, tibò du-on mgo pakpak dan. Turkeys, geese, ducks, small geese, all have wings. [DB kawigi includes the whole of the wing all the way to the joint. The pakpak is the part of the wing which has feathers.] see fr.: kawigi. 2n Collar of a shirt, dress or blouse. osyn: kawigi. 3v Winged, to sprout wings. Nigpakpakan bag ka so-ini no piak. This little chick has sprouted wings. see: tugbung. 4Slang for skinny 5v To clap one’s hands 6v For a chicken to flap its wings

utayugà v To swing. [Can be on a vine, rope or seat attached by chains.] syn: usaroy 1, tayugà; osyn: tali.