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sayop 1n error Ka aboy, du-on konon sayop woy du-on sayop. As for [the word] aboy “assumption” one can assume correctly or incorrectly. [Negating “error” implies to do something correctly, verses sayop “in error” which means incorrectly.] see fr.: talap 2. 2v To arrive too late for something. Nakasayop kad to nigko-on. You’ve arrived too late, for we’ve already eaten.

sial 1n sharpened slivers of bamboo Aboy ki sogbayò dokad di sial. We assumed this was [a good place] to pass however there were sharpened pieces of bamboo. [Sharpened small pieces of bamboo stuck in the ground as protection against raiders; make a deep puncture wound when stepped on. (TL says they may be 4 or 5 inches long.)] 2Punctured (foot) by sial 3n Name of a man’s dance to kuglung accompaniment.