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bagakis n Beaded belt. Ka bagakis, holon no ogsapiron no bulbul to kuddò no ogpaniukan no bali-og. A bagakis, is a braided belt made from horse hair which has been studded with beads. [Some are made with horse hair but there are other kinds in which beads are woven into the belt. These are generally considered kinara-an “antique” and are very expensive.] see fr.: balungkag 2.

bagasu n Abaca bark. [This is left as the lanut or abaca fibers are stripped away. This is left on the ground because mushrooms will sprout in it.]

bagì dial. var. of sumpalit

bagnus v Pull up, as a weed; pull out. [As to pull up by roots.] see: barut 1.

bagoloy 1n A multiple-pronged spear. Ka otow no ogpanong-ow to bakbak, ogpilakon din to bagoloy. The person who uses a light to fish for frogs spears them with a multiple-pronged spear. [used to catch water life such as frogs, shrimp or fish. May have three to six prongs.] 2v To produce shoots as young rice about 1 ft. high with multiple shoots. [so called if there are multiple shoots from one stalk which are like prongs. Can also apply to other grain but is more rare.] 3deriv n A field of young rice shoots about 1 foot high.

bagu-bù see: ubun-ubun. n One of the calls of a white breasted ubun-ubun dove. Ko ogkagi ka ubun-ubun, ogkagi to bagu-bù, huun, huun, huun. When the ubun-ubun dove calls it says, “bagu-bù, huun, huun, huun.” [The dove has a creamy white head, long curved black back, long black tail, auburn over back -- about the size of a young hen.]