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bailan n Shaman, one who contacts the spirit world. [He may have one or more familiar spirits. He makes sacrifices on behalf of the sick or to counteract the effects of bad luck, bad omens or to convey or reverse the effect of charms.] see: papaganò; see fr.: ganò 3.

ganò v 1Pack to go. 2To engage in necromancy, commune with the spirits of the dead. 3One who engages in necromancy. [Fasts and predicts when people will ascend; claimed he will be god when he dies and ascends] see: bailan. 4Go into a trance ??

dangag v To attend a spirit ceremony held by a shaman. Ka otow no ogdangag to bailan, og-amut sikandan ka ogpamminog ko nokoy ka ignangonnangon to bailan kandan. People who attend a spirit ceremony of a shaman, meet together as they listen to whatever the shaman is telling them. [The shaman will often go into a trnce and then report to the people what the spirits are saying. Singing of epic songs such as a tutulalang are often done while people are together but is not actually part of the ceremony.]

hinang 1v For a shaman to perform a ceremony. [by sacrificing a pig. The meaning seems to include the whole ceremony from the beginning of placing the pig, the dancing of the shaman and the sacrificing of the pig and the feast.] 2Ko nigdaralu, sikan ka nighinangan to Bailan. Ko du-on babuy, sikan ka ogtubaran dan no ogmanasayow on ka bailan no ogpalpalibut to babuy. If someone is ill, that is the person over which a shaman will perform a pig sacrifice.