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balabagan deriv n The direction that is crosswise to the sun, North or South. balabagan. South (or north); crosswise to east and west. [Prior to knowing other terms for North or South, the two directions were distinguished by adding “upriver” to the term to mean North or “crosswise downriver”to mean “south”. Or a person may distinguish between North and South by saying balabagan to the left or balabagan to the right so the direction could be either north or south depending on which direction one is facing.]

kuit v 1pick out, as an ant from food. Ko du-on alisalung to sinugba, ogkuiton ta to kutsara. If there is a black ant in the food being cooked, we will pick it out with a spoon. [The amount of force exerted depends on the context. In the case of an eye, the kuit is very gentle, but if someone cannot hear, it becomes a forceful poke.] see fr.: kois 4. 2To have someone pick something out, as from one's eye Ko nabulog ki to lagut, ogpakuit ta If something has gotten into our eye, we have someone pick it out. Ko ogkadugi ka pa-a ta, ogkuiton ta to dagum oyow ogka-awò ka dugi. If we get a thorn in our foot, we will pick it out with a needle so that the thorn will be removed. 3Shove something out of the way Ko du-on ulod no namatoy no imbalabag diò to dalan ko du-on ogpakabayò, ogkuiton su ogkalimorang. If there is a dead snake which is laying across the trail if someone is passing by, [he] will shove [it] out of the way because it gives him the willies. 4To poke, as a person who doesn't hear one calling Ko diò ki to koon-ingan no mgo otow woy du-on duma ta no konò ogdinog ko og-umawan ta, oghondia-an ta no ogkuiton ta kai to hawak. If we are with a crowd of people and we have a companion who doesn't hear [us] when we call [him], we will go to [him] and poke him in the side. [Comparing kuit to koblit, DB says koblit is much more gentle. The person trying to get one's attention will give him a fairly strong “poke”.] 5Brush off Ko moon-ing ka lawo-lawò to talubagì, ogpanguiton ta to walis ka baloy to talubagì oyow ogka-awò. Ko ogkuiton nu ogkaragdag ka mgo lagut. If there are a lot of dirty spider webs, we brush off the webs (lit. houses) of the spiders so that they will be removed. When we brush them off, the debris drops to the floor. 6Scrape out. Ogkuiton ta ka bogas to kapayas no noinug. Ka kutsara ka ogka-ayun no igkuit. We scrape out the seeds of the ripe papaya. A spoon is what works to scrape. see: kagis.