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gamut n 1Poison used to harm or kill an enemy. Ka gamut, agad nokoy ka ogpokohilu, unawa to tayuran [commucial poison.] Ka duma, ogkagamut ka ighilu to ambow. As for poison, whatever is able to poison such as tayuran [a commercial poison]. As for other, rat poison can poison [an enemy]. [This poison may be an actual poison or something which someone has performed using witchcraft. An attack by bees or a severely dehabilitating illness with a sudden onset such as cholera may be suspected to be due to witchcraft. A cure or an antidote will be sought. If a person suddenly dies of illness after visiting another village, witchcraft may be assumed and a revenge killing may follow. ] ant: tokas; ant: alang 1; osyn: hilu. 2Hex, as a sickness or death brought on by use of a fetish or witchcraft. Ka gamut, ogsabukan ki oyow maga-an ki ogkamatoy. As for a hex it is placed on us so that we will quickly die. Gamutan ki. We’ll be poisoned/hexed. see fr.: busung 1.