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dalama n 1Cliff; [bare, rocky area.] [Usually, a dalama is of stone. However, if an area is of ground has broken off and is straight up, it may be called a dalama but would be called natikobaanan because the ground has broken away.] 2Spirit of the cliff.

bundal v 1To deliberately ram into something such as another vehicle. 2To ram into something whether moving frontwards or backwards, such as another vehicle or into a cliff with a raft. Ka otow no ogpalawod to gakit din ka ogtuwal, ogbantayan din oyow konò ogpakabundal ka lobut to gakit to dalama, oyow konò ogkabalikid. A person who travels with the current as he goes downriver by raft, he will be watching out so that the front part (lit. base) will not get rammed into a cliff so that it won't be capsized. [It is the lobut “base” of the raft which heads the raft as it goes downriver, not the u-ud “tip” because it is the base of the bamboo that is strongest and is heeaded downstream..]]

pidpid 1v to keep close to Ogpamidpid ki to ilis to dalama. (LM) We will pass [close to] the edge of the cliff. [When traveling downriver by raft, the travelers may pass very close to the cliff on the inside of a river bend. If they pass on the other side near the shore, ogpanag-ilis.] see: ilis, panag-ilis. 2