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andu cf: losung 1. n Pestle such as used for pounding grain; a metal rod used as a pestle for tapping tabacco. Ogngaran to andu ka igbinayu woy ko igdokdok to mamo-on woy ko tabakù. That which is used to pound [grain] or that which is used to tap betelnut or tabacco is called a pestle. [Term also applys to a a small pestle used with a small mortar for pulverizing medicine. The small mortar would still be a losung and the pestle called andu even though the tablet is crushed and not pounded. DB 18/Jan/2006] spec: susu to dalaga.

linas n Bark, of tree, used in making lukung, basung, or walls of house. Ko ogkuò ki to ig-alabat to baloy no linas to langilan, ogdokdokon ta ka laplap din oyow oglokò. When we get the bark of the langilan [tree] to wall a house, we pound its outer layer (lit. skin) so that it will come loose. [Bark is used in making lukung, basung or walls of a house. The bark of some trees as the dangolog is too thick so only the outside is stripped away and only the inner layer of bark is used. (The laplap “outside layer”of the tree is linas.); (dangolog tree)] see fr.: laplap 2; see fr.: akob 1; see: laplap 1.

pogò v 1To squeeze, with fingers or fist. 2To squeeze, as to press with fingers Toi pogo-i a pà to so-ini kapayas, noinug buad. Look squeeze on this papaya, maybe it is ripe. [In the context below, the fruit is squeezed gently but the fingers by pressing down or by fingers and thumb.] 3be squeezed out Ka sikan no doun ka ogdokdokon no ogpogo-on ka woig. That leaf is pounded and then the water is squeezed out. [In the following context, the hands are brought together to squeeze the water from the leaves which AngL sees as different from pressing one's fingers on a fruit to see if it is ripe.] see: kuligpis.