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tambabò v 1To doubt, disbelieve. Og-awoson no warò ogtambabò to ignangonnangon din. It is necessary that no one will doubt that which he is telling them. Tambabo-on ta ka harayu. We doubt what the radio said. Tambabò koy to konò ogkaliwan. We doubt that it will be paid back. see: duarua. 2To be in doubt of someone's character or habits. Ko ogtambabo-on nu ka duma nu, nigdo-isokan nu to goinawa nu. If you are in doubt about your companions, you make them smaller in your hearts. [If a person takes the attitude that someone doesn't do anything they doubt ?? their companion.If they have conduct indicating that they konò ogkasaligan are not trustworthy, we would tambabò kandan.] 3To cause doubt about someone or something