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gimon deriv. of: Magimon. v To smile see: ngisi 1; see: iom.

Magimon deriv.: gimon. n Name of a river north of Mansalinow which flows into the Liboganon River - also a village at the river junction. [Name was said to derive from people met long ago who were always smiling.]

sulug 1n A clanmate, or individuals of certain areas (i.e. people from Kapugi, Mansalinow and Maambagu are all kasulug to each other.) 2A family group from a particular river or section of river; (i.e. Kapugi, Mansalinow and Malambagu form one kasulugan; Magimon forms another; Togop, Banualoy and Langilan from another.) [Each kasulugan has its own leader.]

porom 1part Particle used in indicate the equivalent of “nearly”, “would”, “fain”: 2should Dakol pad porom; maintok on. It should have been large, but it’s small. [This frustration particle expresses something that is unfulfilled as something that might have happened.] 3part would like to do something Ulì a ian porom dio’t Maguimon, di konò ad man. I would indeed like to return to Magimon, but I really won't. Ko pananglitan du-on oghimuon ta di ko du-on igkasasow ta, na-akoban ka oghimuon ta porom no an-anayan no na-aloy ki diò to dangob no warò ta nato-ori. If for example we are doing something but if there is something worrying us, the thing we would have done at the beginning is supplanted (lit. layered or covered over.) And then we are distracted to something else so that we didn't accomplish [what we started out to do]. 4part almost, nearly Kausing poron na-uug. Kausing nearly fell. 5part unrealized result Naallok ka poron. Your fear was unrealized. [In the following example, I had called out in alarm because some flaming oil was all over the porch. However, after using a fire extinguisher, the flames were put out. Afterwards, I expressed how afraid I had been, May-as corrected me and said, Naallok ka poron, and explained that, though my fear was real, they were not realized because the house had not burned down.] 6part Should. Dakol pad porom; maintok on. It should have been large, but it’s small.