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ingkatalaran ... ka goinawa phr. of: talad. to have a generous attitude, lit. share one's breath (=be generous). Ingkatalaran nu ka goinawa nu diò to Maambago. You were generous toward Maambago. [Context was that of sending relief rice to Maambago. The gift itself was the result of an attitude of generousity.]

malanang so goinawa phr. of: lanang. Peaceful feeling. [Also expressed as Maawang so goinawa. “His/her breath is clear” meaning he/she has peace and no animosity toward anyone.]

malanang/malonang so goinawa phr. of: goinawa. Peaceful feeling (lit smooth breath); to feel good or peaceful [TA Durung says in his dialect, malonang means “smooth” and is not not used figuratively for peace. Rather, he would use ma-awang no goinawa “clear breath” to express the same concept.]