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igbuyag see fr.: ulu 2.

sapad v 1To forbid; to command [negatively] see fr.: balangkò; see fr.: dilin 2; see fr.: kogò, og== 2; see fr.: doga 3. 2To correct, reprimand. 3To be corrected, or told not to do something. Panalinga ka ko ogsaparan ka. You take heed (lit. listen) when you are corrected.; Take heed (lit. listen) when you are told not to do something. 4Obey. 5To command - prerogative of igbuyag.

ana-ana 1vs To be rushed. Ogka-ana-ana ko ogga-ani oyow maga-an ogkaponga. Those who are harvesting are being rushed so that [the harvesting] will soon be finished. [TA comment was that if it took Titus 10 years to do a task one would not use the completive particle on because the work would be on-going.; The owner of a field may feel rushed or pressured due to being worried that it might rain and the harvest be ruined. His concern also puts pressure on the harvesters to hurry.] see fr.: ga-an 2.1; see: dagusu 1; see fr.: ga-an 2. 2v To be pressured to hurry. Ogka-ana-ana ki to igbuyag ta to oyow maga-an on ogkapongoi ka talabawon ta. We are being pressured by our leader to hurry so that our work will be finished soon. see: paragas.

pangabaga 1n a spokesperson or representative of a higher leader Pangabaga a nu; igkarua a nu no igbuyag. “You are my master/leader; you are my second leader.” Kagi to songo otow, “Uripon ka na-an nikandin.” Ogtabak a to, “Ho-o ian su pangabaga a rin.” One person says, “You are his slave after all..” I will respond, “Yes indeed because I am his pangabaga “representative” (??). [DB said it is like this person has been ordered by his leader then he is recognized by the people as their leader because he carries the authority of his leader. DB also said pogbuyagon is now being used more in the mountains to refer to a leader.; DB said that this representative has been ordered by his [own] leader. Then the people will recognize the representative as their leader. He also said that pogbuyagon is now being used more upriver.] 2 3 4 5 6