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minuna n A forefather, especially beyond the near past; Ancestor. Si Apù Amasig, woy ka mgo apù ni Amasig, sikandan ka minuna su kandan ka nokohun-a no mgo otow kai to tanò. Grandfather Amasig and the grandfathers of Amasig, they are the ancestors because they are the ones who preceeded the people here on the earth. [Minuna may apply to people who lived in the recent past, but especially of those who lived in ancient times beyond the memories of those still living. Ka-ap-apu-an can refer to “forefathers” or “descendants” -- either past or future perhaps because apù is used of either the grandparent or grandchild.] spec: Boybayan; see: ka-ap-apu-an; spec: Banlak.